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OkMEA Auditions

1st Round Auditions
Saturday, Nov. 3 , 2018 
Broken Arrow H.S.
This audition round takes place simultaneously with the NBDA district audition. 
Click here for list of audition etudes

2nd & Final Round Auditions
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018 
*SNOW DATE: Saturday Dec. 8, 2018 (in the event of inclement weather on Dec. 2)
Westmoore H.S. - Moore, OK
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OkMEA 2nd Round Auditionees are excused from participating at the Fri evening, Dec. 1 State Championship game, though two conditions apply: (1) Advance sign-up , and (2) auditionees must remain on campus at the UHS Band Facilities from 5:00pm until 7:30pm, making final preparations for auditions (polishing the etudes and practicing sight-reading.) 

REMIND Subscription Code: @OMEAaud  (send to to 81010)
Email: pisarra.charles@unionps.org

Bus transportation is provided. You must ride the bus TO Westmoore, but if you prefer not to ride the bus back to Tulsa, an email from a parent or guardian sent to Mr. Pisarra with intended return transportation plans MUST be received prior to departing the Westmoore campus. 

-Call time 6:30am
-Departure 6:45am
-Return by 1am (Sunday morning)

-Instrument / Music / Sight Reading Book / Pencil
-Instrument accessories: spare reeds, oils, greases, etc. 
-Comfy clothes/shoes for the day
-Dress clothes for auditions, if you wish
-Pillow, blanket, etc.
-Homework, book, etc.
-Phone, charger, brick battery charger
-Ample $ or food for a very long day (3 meals). Ample concessions are available onsite.

-Students may NOT leave the Westmoore campus on foot.
-You may NOT warm up in the hallways. See more info below.
-Do not block the main hallways / aisles in the school. Hundreds and hundreds of people will be navigating the building all day.
-Make new friends but don't act obnoxiously; we are a CLASS-ACT ALL DAY LONG. 
-Be sure to thank the bus driver, truck driver, and chaperones for their time. 
-This is obvious, but: don't miss your audition time!
-Good luck!


From Westmoore HS From Restaurants
12:00 pm  1:15 pm
1:30 pm 2:45 pm
3:00 pm  4:15 pm
4:30 pm 5:45 pm
6:00 pm  7:15 pm
7:30 pm 8:45 pm

- Audition times posted at 9:30 am in the warm up gym.
- Preliminary Auditions begin at 10:00 am for:  flute, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, percussion
- Final Auditions begin at 10:00 am for: piccolo, double reeds, Bass clarinet, Contra clarinet, tenor saxophone, bari saxophone, euphonium, tuba
- Final Auditions for flute, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, and percussion will begin at the conclusion of the preliminary auditions.
- Oboe will begin at approximately 1:30 pm (subject to change)
- Eb Clarinet will begin at approximately 2:00 pm (subject to change)
- Contra Clarinet will begin at approximately 3:00 pm (subject to change)

-Students must report to the assigned room before their audition time and be available at the room when they are called to audition.  Be diligent in awareness of audition times and locations.  Students will not be permitted to auction if their audition time is missed.  

-Instruments with prelim rooms will perform prepared cuts only in the prelim room.  Finals rooms will include prepared cuts and sight reading.  There are no scale requirements for this round.

-Instruments with prelim/finals format are listed below, along with the number of students passing from prelims to finals in each room.  All other instruments will be auditioned once in a finals-only format.

Flute: Top 14 in each room for a total of 42
Bb Clarinet: Top 12 in each room for a total of 48
Alto Saxophone: Top 12 in each room for a total of 24
Trumpet: Top 12 in each room for a total of 36
Horn: Top 16 in each room for a total of 32
Trombone: Top 14 in each room for a total of 28
Percussion: Top 15 in each room for a total of 3

-The warm up area is the practice gym.  Also, the small lecture room will be available for students, but only within 30 minutes of their audition time.
-Students may not communicate with the judges IN ANY WAY.  All questions should be facilitated through the inside monitor.  Students are to be discreet.
-Students are NOT to share audition times with teachers or other staff, as to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Subject to change. Check back for revisions. 
Piccolo Finals - Room 169
Flute Prelims A - Room 163
Flute Prelims B - Room 165
Flute Prelims C - Room 166
Flute Finals - Room 166
Oboe Finals - Room 182
Bassoon Finals - Room 182
Bb Clarinet Prelims A - Room 183
Bb Clarinet Prelims B - Room 185
Bb Clarinet Prelims C - Room 186
Bb Clarinet Prelims D - Room 188
Bb Clarinet Finals - Room 188
Bass Clarinet Finals - Room 181
Contra Clarinet Finals - Room 183
Eb Clarinet Finals - Room 183
Alto Sax Prelims A - Room 159
Alto Sax Prelims B - Room 161
Alto Sax Finals - Room 159
Tenor Sax Finals - Room 177
Bari Sax Finals - Room 156
Trumpet Prelims A - Room 149
Trumpet Prelims B - Room 150
Trumpet Prelims C - Room 152
Trumpet Finals - Room 149
Horn Prelims A - Room 143
Horn Prelims B - Room 144
Horn Finals - Room 143
Euphonium Finals - Room 132
Trombone Prelims A - Room 145
Trombone Prelims B - Room 146
Trombone Finals - Room 145
Tuba Finals - Room 133
Percussion Snare Prelims A - Speech Room
Percussion Mallet Prelims A - Choir Room
Percussion Timpani Prelims A - Drama Room
Percussion Snare Prelims B - Arena Hospitality Room
Percussion Mallet Prelims B - Arena
Percussion Timpani Prelims B - Band Room
Percussion Snare Finals - Speech Room
Percussion Mallet Finals - Choir Room
Percussion Timpani Finals - Drama Room

- Equipment may be unloaded at Door #21, which leads directly into the Westmoore Band Room.  The band room will not be used as a holding place or warm up area for percussionists, but just an entry point into the building prior to auditions.  Equipment will need to be moved to the percussion warm up gym. 
-There are 2 sets of Percussion Prelim Rooms.  Each student will play in 3 separate rooms: 1 each for snare, mallet, and timpani.  Students will need to very carefully check that they are moving correctly from room to room. (Ex: Snare A > Mallet A > Timpani A; NOT Snare A > Mallet B > Timpani A)    - There will be signs clearly marking the rooms.  Outside monitors will be instructed to carefully check that students are auditioning in their correct rooms.
- We anticipate some delays as multiple students from the same school may need to share equipment.  We will handle this as we have done in the past.  Students waiting on another room to finish with equipment will audition as soon as their equipment is available.  Again, outside monitors will be instructed to help manage these instances.
- Percussion Finalists will audition on all 3 instruments in 3 separate rooms using the exact same process as in prelims. 

Students who earn positions in the All State ensembles have time sensitive responsibilities in the days after the audition.  Please review the contract in your music folder and ask Mr. Pisarra if you have questions.  The contract with $79 registration fee must be postmarked no later than December 15.

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