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Basketball Pep Bands

2019-20 Union H.S. Men's and Women's Varsity Basketball HOME GAMES   

• Tues. Dec. 3, 2019 // 5:45-9:30pm // Concert Band & Symphonic Band
• Tues. Jan. 28, 2020 // 5:45-9:30pm // Wind Ensemble
• Tues. Feb. 4, 2020 // 5:45-9:30pm // Concert Winds & Symphonic Winds

•  Attendance at pep band performances is mandatory and assessed for a grade in each student's band class.
•  Student performance attire is the UNION BANDS member shirt, jeans, & sneakers. Students may wear a jacket to/from the UMAC, but during game time the member shirt must be visible. The only acceptable long sleeved layer is a REGIMENT, UNION BANDS, or other UNION spirit-wear hoodie sweatshirt. 
•  Call time is always 5:45pm, in the UHS band room, after which students will move as a group to the UMAC.
•  The Varsity Ladies game begins at 6:30pm, and the Mens game begins at 8:00pm
•  Students will be given a break in between the games to use the bathroom, purchase concessions, etc. 
•  9:30pm is the approximate finish/release time, depending on the length of he game.
•  Marching brass instruments will not be used for basketball games; please use your concert band instrument. 

•  Be ready to play on short notice. We generally play ONLY during time-outs (some are 30 seconds, some are 60) and at the end of quarters. 
•  Be ready to STOP playing on short notice; we cannot play while the game clock is in motion, so watch for the possibility that a directors cuts off the music midstream.
•  Use the restroom at the appointed times (halftimes and between games), as you won't be permitted to do so otherwise. 
•  If getting a ride home from a parent, etc., call or send them a message during the 4th quarter of the men's game. NOTE: if the game nears the end with a close score, it might take a long time for the game to actually conclude.

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