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The fall 2018 order period has ended.  Please check back again in January/February 2019 for Winter/Spring sale dates.

Blue & Gold Sausage Co. has been successfully helping groups meet their fundraising needs since 1970.  B&G products are sold exclusively through school groups, teams, civic organizations, and clubs.

The fall 2018 order period has ended.  Please check back again in January/February 2019 for Winter/Spring sale dates.


WHEN & WHERE:Thursday, 9/20/2018

*The truck will arrive at approximately 2pm at the UHS loading dock (South Lot).

*All products must be unloaded & counted before distribution begins.  Many hands make the load light.  Please consider helping with unload.  Those who help will be served first!


*PLEASE BE PATIENT! We must take care to count carefully to ensure everyone receives the correct products.  Speed is not a good thing, it’s how mistakes happen.

*If you are unable to help with unload, please do not expect for us to be ready to help you until after 2:30pm, possibly 3pm.

*A volunteer will be available to help facilitate pick-up until 6:30pm. 

*If you cannot pick up your order by 6:30pm, please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you.  If this is your plan, please send the name of your designated pick-up person as a reply to the Fundraising Remind or email it to fundraising@unionbands.com.

*B&G will NOT be delivered to students in class.  ALL SELLERS must pick up product at Union High School.


*MUSCLE – this stuff is heavy.  We will try to have a dolly (or something) for those picking up cases of product but keep in mind there will likely be a line to use it.

*COOLER(S), preferably with wheels.

*If you are getting 10 or fewer products, we may not have a box available for you to use.  Please bring a cooler, insulated bag, or reusable shopping bags.

*Gloves are a good idea, especially of you can come help with unload.

*PATIENCE – we will have times with a long line and times with no line.  Expect to wait in a line if you come 2-4pm or 5:30-6:30pm.

SPOILAGE ALERT:We do not have cold storage to keep product for you (at the school or at our homes).  The product will be kept at a safe temperature during the pick-up window but we cannot guarantee storage after than that.

Available Products for 2018-19

B&G Sausage = $8 per 2 ½ lb roll

B&G Bacon = $18 per 3 lb package

B&G Chicken Tenderloin Fritters = $23 per 5 lb bag

Download the sales flyer here!

Help turn-in run smoothly by following these procedures for submitting orders and payment.

Order Turn-In - accepted any time UBPC Fundraising is open for businesss

*Tally the number of each item sold& total amount due BEFORE YOU GET IN LINE TO TURN IN YOUR ORDERS!

*DO NOT turn in YOUR order form(s)!!!

*When you arrive to turn-in payment, please pick-up a turn-in form from the "start here" fundraising table.

*You will need to complete the turn-in form before you turn in your payment.

Payment Turn-in - accepted any time UBPC fundraising is open for business until the order deadline date


*DO NOT turn in YOUR order form(s)!!! 

*DO NOT put money &/or orders in a band room lockbox for a fundraiser!

*Verify that all checks are made out to UBPC or Union Band Parent Club.  If the check is made out to you, you will need to write a check to UBPC or turn in cash.

*Put your student’s first & last name on the memo line of all checks.

*Separate checks from cash; organize cash with like bills together.

*Put all cash & checks in an envelope with the Student’s First & Last Name, Grade, Seller/Contact Name, & phone.

Fundraising Hours (pick-up/turn-in/check-out)

UBPC Resource Times - exact dates/time communicated via Charms email/text communications

Sign up for REMIND - this is how we communicate: text @ubpc-fundr to 81010

For information/questions about the above fundraisers please contact:  
fundraising@unionbands.com or

For information/questions about fundraising work opportunities please contact:

Drillers/OneOK Directors - drillers@unionbands.com

Expo/BOK/Offsite Directors - offsitework@unionbands.com

Union Concessions Directors - concessions@unionbands.com


For information/questions about your student account please contact:  
studentaccounts-78@unionbands.com or

(please include your student name and grade)

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