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College Auditions

Many Union Bands students participate in collegiate music ensembles after highschool, regardless of college major.

Throughout senior year, stay up to speed with upcoming college audition dates for both the school of music (typically just for music majors) and marching band

Request an Audition
Many universities in Oklahoma and surrounding areas hold specific audition days for the school of music early second semester. You must request an audition online. 
Request an audition for Oklahoma State University 
Request an audition for the University of Central Oklahoma
  • UCO School of Music Audition Days: 2/28/20, 2/29/20, 3/7/20 
Request an audition for the University of Oklahoma
Request an audition for the University of Tulsa
Request an audition and apply for the Department of Music for the University of Arkansas

Tips for Preparation
•  Many institutions require admission to the university prior to being scheduled for an audition in the school of music.
•  Be sure to check for priority scholarship deadlines for both the university (generally November / December) and school of music (generally March).
•  It's important to establish a connection with the director you will be auditioning for at your school of choice.
•  Check out this page for helpful contact information from nearby schools.
•  Check university websites or contact professors to find out if there are specific etudes or recommended pieces to play in your audition.
•  Don't wait until the last minute to practice, music programs can be highly competitive for both admission and scholarships.
• Perform in front of peers, teachers, parents, or anyone who will listen leading up to your college audition.


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