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DCI Finals Watch Party

Come check out a live webcast of the DCI World Championship Finals with all of your best UHS Band friends!

Date Saturday, August 12, 2017
Time 5:30-10:00pm
Place UHS Band Room
Cost Free
Bring your own food/snacks

Rules and Guidlines
East Main Band Doors open by 5:15pm, locked at 5:45pm. Please be on time. 
- If not driving yourself, you must be picked up by 10:00pm.
- Attendance will determine in which band room the event will be shown.  
- Students must remain in the designated band room and hallways at all times; no visiting the upstairs or other parts of the building.
- Be respectful of other events scheduled in the fine arts wing. 
- Clean up after yourself. 
- Shout-out to Ms. Mayes and Mr. Smith for making this event happen!

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