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Wash. D.C. Trip: Packing List

• Union Public Schools Student ID
• Government-issued ID (required for travelers 18+ years of age, but encouraged for travelers under 18)
• Mobile phone & charging supplies. Consider an external battery for charging.
• Sleeping clothes for five nights in hotel.
• Footwear: shoes suitable for a LOT of walking as well as other comfortable shoes for travel days and at hotel.
• Undergarments & socks for seven days.
• Late winter weather preparedness: jacket, heavier coat, gloves, warm hat or earmuffs.
• Hygiene / Toiletries: toothbrush + toothpaste, deodorant, shaving supplies, hair care & styling supplies, cosmetics, feminine products.
• Medication (to be submitted to trip meds coordinator).
• Spending money (for souvenirs, etc). All meal expenses are included in the trip fee. 

• Comfortable clothing: Sweats / shorts / t-shirt / sweat shirt / jacket / cap / etc.
• Footwear: loose-fitting shoes / socks / flip-flops, slides, etc. 
• Hygiene: toothbrush / toothpaste / mouthwash or breath mints / deodorant
• Other: phone charger / pillow / blanket / book / home work / DVD's (Rated G, PG, PG-13)

Some sites in Washingon, DC will require attire that is "nicer than school clothes", as will some of our activities. Generally speaking,the attire you pack wil generally be less casual than you're probably used to wearing. Below is a daily guideline: 

Day One: Overnight trip (see above)
Day Two: continuation of Day One (plus sleeping clothes for first night in hotel) 
Day Three:
• All touring: Casual
Day Four:
• All touring: Casual
Day Five:
• Morning Touring: Leave the hotel wearing Black Union Bands member shirt, black sliders, & black socks + casual.
• Performance: change into uniform. Then change out of uniform into casual. 
• All other touring: Casual.
Day Six:
• Touring: Trip T-Shirt + causal (jeans preferred. Please no sweats.)
• Dinner Cruise: dress up! Business casual or nicer is fine. Formal/Prom is too dressy. 
• Overnight trip: see above for specifics
Day Seven: continuation of Day Six overnight 

Pre-packed in your uniform garment bag (submit to uniforms volunteers by March 12)
• Black Union Bands member tek shirt
• Black sliders
• Black calf-length socks
• Black marching shoes

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