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2018 Union H.S. Concert Band Auditions
All winds and percussion students currently in grades 8-11 will audition for placement into one of five concert band ensembles for the 2018-19 academic year. The audition will be assessed for a grade. Students whose audition appears to be completely inadequate in preparation may be asked by the judges to move on to the next audition piece or scale. Completing an audition is required for enrollment into a Union H.S. Concert Band class. 

Auditions results will not be posted until the first week of June.

For students completing grades 9-11, audition etudes and cuts have been distributed during class time, including technical and lyrical components.Cuts for the etudes have been posted in the band hallway in multiple locations as of Friday, May 4. 

List of Etude Cuts

For Woodwinds only: in addition to the the two cuts, each woodwind auditionee will perform 2 scale studies: Chromatic Scale, 2 Octaves, F to F (or B-flat to B-flat depending on the woodwind instrument's range) -AND- one of the following diatonic major scales (also 2-octaves) to be selected by the judges: Concert F, B-flat, E-flat, A-flat, or D-flat.

Schedule of winds auditions: 
Wednesday, May 16, starting at 7:00am: Flutes, Double Reeds, Low Reeds (in Room 1615), Trumpets & Horns (Band Room #2). 
Thursday, May 17, starting at 7:00am: Clarinets and Saxophones (in Room 1615), Trombones, Euphoniums, Tubas (Band Room #2). 
PLEASE NOTE that 2nd hour band students and freshmen will be routed to commence their audition earlier than 1st hour sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This is due to transportation and teacher class schedules. 

Other info:
Band Room #1 will serve as the warm-up space. The auditions are blind; don't speak during the audition. The room monitor will help you with any questions.  There's no specific order of auditionees, so warm-up, get yourself ready, and get in line to audition. Be prepared to comply with the room monitor's instructions to go into the audition room; time is limited and we have to move forward.

Wind Auditions Help Sessions

Auditions for the percussion section are scheduled for Wednesday, May 16, taking place at UHS starting at 7am in the UPAC for students completing grades 9-11, and during 8th grade classes. Mr. Bruce has distributed the auditon materials and cuts. Marching percussion auditions will take place on Tuesday, May 29th in the UPAC beginning at 7am and will continue through the 8th grade classes. 

9th graders for the 2018-19 academic year will be placed into Symphonic Band 2, Concert Band 1, or Concert Band 3, based on audition. 

Auditions results will not be posted until the first week of June.

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