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1995: Charles Pisarra
1996: Catherine Hegdale
1997: Emily Short
1998: Joy Conrad & Danny Mercier
1999: Andrea Rowin
2000: Megan Walker
2001: Linda Hodds
2002-2006: to be cited

2007: Nina Daroga
2008: Daniel Frerichs
2009: Allyson Votruba
2010: Brad Thompson
2011: Kylee Stevens
2012: Jacob Rosson
2013: Hayden Anderson
2014: Janak Bhakta
2015: Taylor Bruggenjohann
2016: Rhema Baissa
2017: Trevor Crawford
2018: Braden Cerny
2019: Jaden Riddle


1990-2009: to be cited
2010: Amy Coulter
2011: Tim Heinen
2012: J.D. Landers
2013: Samantha Alexander
2014: Michaela Royer
2015: Julie Cheek
2016: Ali Fariss
2017: Peter Wetherbee
2018: Josh Anderson & Micaela Andreo
2019: Erendira Salvador

"This award was established in the Spring of 1990 to honor Christopher Owen “Kit” Stephens. Kit was a wonderful friend and musician. This award was to honor his memory as someone who was not only talented, but also a great person – someone that made others feel special, and despite adversity and challenges, never gives up. Whichever exemplary member may revieve this beloved award demonstrates three of the most important qualities of the Renegade Regiment: talent, determination, and heart; just as Kit had done.
Kit moved to Tulsa and Union Public Schools in the 7th grade. He quickly fit in with kids from our class and his youth group. Most of us started playing our instruments in 5th grade, so Kit was a little behind the curve. However, he picked up the saxophone like he was born to play it. He taught himself and quickly was sitting in the top chair in band. He was like this in a lot of things…a natural.
Kit made everyone around him feel special. He had this ability to reach out when you were at your lowest and make you realize that you had a true friend. Many hours were spent with Kit listening to Boston, Chicago, and Phil Collins.
As we moved into high school, our music lead us to marching band. We lived and breathed Renegade Regiment and jumped when Mr. Barnett told us to jump. We weren’t always gummy bear perfect, but we strived to be every performance. Marching band was not easy for Kit because he suffered from severe asthma. Did he quit or complain? No! In true Kit form, he worked through the pain and often scary times during and after shows. He loved marching just like the rest of us.
On February 11, 1988, Kit was returning home from honor band practice and suffered an asthma attack. Kit was rushed to the hospital where we died on February 14, 1988. We lost our beloved friend on the day of love.
Each of us worked to keep Kit’s memory alive. We continued through high school and marching seasons and as we prepared to leave high school for our futures, this award was born.
Anna Wentz was the first recipient in the Spring of 1990. Anna had gone through some very difficult times during the last years of high school, but pushed through just like Kit would have done…with a smile on her face.
Of course Kit may have been an extremely talented saxophone player, but this award is in no way just about musical talent. The phrase “Espirit D’Corps” is French (Kit’s favorite language) for “Spirit of the Band”. Whether the receiver is well known or flies under the radar, first chair or last chair, they all have one thing in common: they have positive impacts on their Regiment family through the best and worst times."
Kristi Hime Kargl &
Kim Banschbach Tonquest
RR Marching Band Members 1987-1989
Class of 1990

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