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NBDA Jr-High Auditions at Union - VOLUNTEERS

REMIND code: @NBDAvols

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please wear something that represents the Union Band or the school district well.

Friday afternoon
4:00pm workers meeting - BR1 
4:15-6:30pm Work in Groups
Prep / Setup Leads
MAYES: signange
BRUCE: audtition rooms / reset
GOMEZ: audition rooms 
MAYES: event chair, judge packets
LOLLIS: inside monitors / process

Saturday morning
Upon arrival, check in at Volunteer Check-In. Claim Union Bands woker vest as needed.
7:30am Monitors meeting - UPAC (MAYES: Outside Monitors / LOLLIS: Inside Monitors)
7:30am South Entry doors open to public
8:00am Directors/Judges meeting - UHS Media Center
8:30am Audition cuts revealed at audition rooms
9:00am Auditions begin
11:00am Volunteers lunch served

Saturday afternoon
Times vary -- clean-up / tear-down

Set-up Details
Take pictures of every UHS classroom prior to setting up the room. Image angle: from doorway. Be sure to document the rooms number of the picture being taken.

Room Monitoring
Info TBA

Photo Gallery

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