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NBDA 7-8-9th Gr Auditions

7th8th, & 9th Graders in the Union HS Band are eligible and encouraged to audition for the NBDA All-District Honor Band.  We are proud to represent well in this annual process. 

Remind101 7th graders please message @union7nbda to 81010. Miss Mayes will send information throughout the day with updates regarding schedules and results.

There is a $10 entry fee for this contest, but it is not meant to be paid at the event. The fee has already been charged to your student's CHARMS account. They may pay for that at any time by bringing cash or check (made out to UBPC) to one of the directors to be given to a UBPC treasurer.

2018 Results:
7th Grade Roster 
8th & 9th Grade Roster

Audition Schedule & Location
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Union High School

8:30a Check in at audition rooms to get audition times
9:00a Auditions begin

***It is highly recommended that students receive a ride home from a parent following their audition. Any student not riding home with a parent will be expected to meet at the bus at 4pm. It will be assumed that any students not at the buses at 4pm will have already received a ride home or are waiting for a ride to be picked up in Sand Springs.



Audition Procedures
> When you arrive, go to the Gym. This is the warm-up area. You can also leave your instrument and belongings in there. We would recommend leaving your stuff in a group with other Union students for added security. Audition times will be posted in the warm-up gym
> Take your music and pencil and go locate your audition room. There will be signs to help you find your way. Once you arrive at your room, mark the cuts in your music that are posted on the walls (you will only play portions of each etude). Also, write down the scale you will play. Don’t forget that you will play the chromatic scale no matter what.
> If you require an early audition time please discuss this with the room monitor to be rescheduled. If you are an early number, go warm-up in the Gym immediately. Auditionee #1 begins at 9:00am. If you are a later number, you can practice a little (don’t overdo it!) and keep checking in at your room to see what number they are on. Please realize that some people won’t show, so not every number will be used. Keep in contact with your room monitor to see the progress of the numbers. Warm-up when your number is close and be at your room ready to play by the time there are 2 people ahead of you. DO NOT MISS YOUR AUDITION!
> You should not talk in the audition room. If you have questions, an inside room monitor will help.
> Play your best!
> After you are done auditioning, you may relax and wait for the results, or call your parents to pick you up. Results will be posted in the South Lobby
> The duration of time spent onsite at the audition is entirely dependent on when your audition. You could be done by 9:05am, or by 3:00pm. Be flexible. Some instrument rooms may employ a prelims/finals format; room monitors from the prelims rooms will give finalists a pass to the finals room

Auditions Hints, Rules, & Reminders
> Remember to bring your book, instrument, and supplies.
> Dress is normal school attire. The judges will not see you, so there is no need to dress up. School Dress Code does apply.
> Warm-up area is in the gym. Do not play in the halls or restrooms.
> Keep conversations in the hallways quiet so you do not disrupt auditions.
> Percussionists: The timpani and a marimba will be provided. You will need to bring your own snare drum. Don’t forget to bring mallets and sticks.
> This is an all day event, but you may choose to leave with your parents after you audition.
> A concession stand will be available in the commons area throughout the day. Be certain to bring extra $ if you wish to make purchases. Please clean up after yourself!
> You might want to consider bringing a cell phone, iPod, book to read, etc. to help pass the time before/after your audition. You are personally responsible for any belongings that you might choose to bring.
> Remember, you are representing the Union Band Program and Union Public Schools. Your best behavior is both expected and required!

Audition Preparation Tips
Don't wait until the last minute to practice; you have over six months to prepare, so take your time and prepare thoroughly!  Don't forget to work on all those scales too.  Employ the use of a Private Lesson teacher to help you prepare. Use a metronome! 

Honor Band Clinic/Concert
February 22-23, 2019 at Union HS, for those students who are selected by audition to perform in the NBDA All-District Honor Band.

Audition Music
7th Grade Etudes

8th-9th Grade Etudes

7th Grade Flute Scales
7th Grade Oboe Scales
7th Grade Clarinet Scales
7th Grade Bass Clarinet Scales
7th Grade Alto Saxophone Scales
7th Grade Tenor Saxophone Scales
7th Grade Bassoon Scales
7th Grade Trumpet Scales
7th Grade French Horn Scales
7th Grade T.C. Euphonium Scales
7th Grade Trombone & B.C. Euphonium Scales
7th Grade Tuba Scales
8th-9th Grade Scales (Packet for All Instruments)

See a Band Director for the etudes or the method books as needed, as well as sight reading prep materials.

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