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2019-2020 Board Nominees

Here are the nominees for the 2019 - 2020 season UBPC Board of Directors

Position Nominee
President Marjorie Hall

Vice President / CFO

Pam Riddle


Carrie Smith


Molly Myers

Concession Directors

Dava Jackson

Disbursement Treasurer

Monica Crawford

Student Account Treasurers

Denise Mobley
Tricia O'Brian

Middle School Treasurer

Becky Cotney

Fundraising Treasurer

Jeana Kelley

Fundraising Director

Hospitality Director

Erica Burnett

Logistics Coordinators

Debra Searcy
Shannon Ritter

Off-site Work Coordinator

Jamie Weatherford

Drillers Coordinators

Debra Bigbee
Dennis Hill / Lori Hill
Jerry Sneed

Information/Communication Directors

James Hollingsworth
Tammy Person

Uniforms Directors

Member Gear Director

Becky Prag

Merchandise Directors

Shannan McClain

Guard Logistics Director

Angela Davis

Corporate Relations

Tammy Person

Property Manager

Jason Myers

Property Manager - Guard


Property Transportation Manager

Stephanie King

Special Events

Angela Davis

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