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Rain-Outs & Double-Headers

Drillers have some sophisticated weather tracking equipment. If they know bad weather is coming, they MAY ask us to REDUCE the number of volunteers.  We first do this by sending a Remind for voluntary cuts.  Then if we still have to cut, we use the log stamp on signup genius and cut the last ones added. We give preference to students in the Renegade Regiment and Guard.  

Example:  We have a game with a call time of 5pm. 
Here is how the pay works for rainouts   

•  If the game is canceled (called) before 4pm with a 5pm call time, we get $0, nada, zippo, nuthin.
•  The game will not usually be called between 4p & 5p.
•  If the game is called between 5p and 7p, then we get $10.
•  If the game is called at 7p, we get $20.
•  If the game is called at 8p or thereafter, we get paid in full.
•  We are always expected to stay until the game ends, unless your stand manager decides otherwise

Games start an hour earlier than regular.  These events get paid an extra $10.  It consists of two games back to back, each game with 7 innings.  


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