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Gameday: Oct. 27, 2017 (@ PC North)

Gameday Itinerary: Union H.S. Varsity Football @ Putnam City North -- Pep Band "C"
3:45pm  Box truck loading 
4:00pm  Meal Served (Chick-Fil-A)
4:25pm  Load buses
4:30pm  Depart UHS for Putnam City North
6:30pm  Arrive, Unload, Move into bleachers.
7:00pm  KickOff
3rd Quarter Snack served
Approx 10:00pm load trucks, load buses
Approx 10:15pm  Depart Putnam City North for UHS (pending game time ending)
Approx 12:15am  Arrive UHS, unload trucks

Gameday Attire / To Bring
Jeans + sneakers + Union Bands Member shirt, school colors/gray member hoodie
Pillow for the bus ride
Phone / charging pack, etc. 
Book / homework 

NonRR or RR-extra-game sign-up

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