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2019 RR Auditions

Guard Auditions 
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Percussion Auditions 
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Winds Auditions
Students interested in 2019 Renegade Regiment membership will complete playing assessment as part of the overall audition process. All prospective RR auditionees have been added to two MusicFirst classes realted to this process.

Begin by logging into MusicFirst via the app or via our website. Login instructions are available here. Once logged into MusicFirst, find the TWO classes needed for this process: "2019 RR Audition Practice" and "2019 RR Audition Assignments".

• The "audition practice" class is to be used only for practicing the assignments in PracticeFirst (which will provide feedback and recordings to play along with).
•  The "audition assignment" class will used for submitting the video assignments required for the audition. 

Auditioning winds students will complete the following exercises: Circles 1, 2, 3, 6 (brass only), 8, and 9, with PDF links for this music found below. 

Downloadable printable music:
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet 1 
Trumpet 2 & 3
Trombone 1 
Trombone 2 

Listed in the "2019 RR Audition Assignments" MusicFirst class, woodwind students will complete five assignments, and brass students will complete six assignments. Each playing exercise will be submitted as a separate video in one of two ways:
(1) Record the videos on your own device and upload as an attachment to the assignment via the "submit" button or
(2) Record a video within the MusicFirst application and attach it to the assignment. You will be prompted with this option when clicking the "submit" button, but this option works only if using a device with a built-in camera (ie. smartphone phone or tablet).

Please take caution to complete the submission process only when you have produced the best recording of yourself playing the assigned exercises. Once submitted, the videos cannot be submitted again.

Questions regarding use of MusicFirst?  Please email Mr. Gomez

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