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Let's get FIRED-UP for Indy Super-Regional week!

Renegade Review 2017 = DONE!
Thanks for doing YOUR part to make the 35th Annual Renegade Review an amazing one! It was basically a BOA-regional in quality, and WE helped make it happen!  We appreciate your flexibility in the schedule adjustment and performance delay. Dozens and dozens of complimentatry remarks about your performance were received from the other competing band directors. 

Scott Lang Workshop - Tues. @ 6:30p / UMAC
We look forward to being inspired and challenged by Mr. Lang during his session on Tuesday. This is a mandatory session. Brass and woodwinds students: please plan ahead so that you can eat between the end of yoru sectional rehearsal and the beginning of the clinic. 

All students will attend the 6:30-8:00pm portion of the workshop, after which you'll be dismissed to go home. Section leaders will participate in the second portion as well, from 8:00-9:30pm.

Rehearsals this week
Early morning rehearsals = Monday and Tuesday @6:30am 
Normal Sectionals = Percussion & Guard on Monday, Brass & Woodwinds on Tuesday
Fall Break rehearsals = Wednesday 1-5pm (W/P wear silver + black) and Thursday 8am-12pm (W/P wear white + whatever)

Thursday Night Football: Union vs. Southmoore at Home 
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BOA Indianapolis Super-Regional Trip - October 20-22
A few details are yet to be determined for this trip, but we now have enough info to share so you can plan ahead.
click here for itinerary & packlng list
DON'T wait til the last minute to pack! 

sign up for meal preferences for two of our trip meals.
Sign ups close at 1:00pm, on Monday Oct 16. Sorry for the short notice; your cooperation is appreciated!

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