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August 13, 2018

SENIORS = Monday @ Lunch
JUNIORS = Monday after 4pm
SOPHOMORES = Tuesday morning
FRESHMEN = Tuesday starting @ lunch and into the afternoon
NOTE: Students who do not sign up by Tuesday evening (Aug 14) will be assigned to a bus with open space. 
NOTE: Loading Crew and Guard members are pre-assigned and do not need to sign up. 

10th, 11th, & 12th graders may sign up to audition for the 2018-19 NBDA All-District Honor Band. Wind Ensemble students are required to audition. click here to sign up


August 10, 2018
Congrats on surviving the first two weeks of all-day rehearsals!  

• RRehearsals: Mon-Tues, Aug 13-14, 7-11a + 12:30-4:30p
• Freshmen Schedule Pick-up: Tues Aug 14  more info here
•  2018 MEET THE REGIMENT Annual Family Picnic and RR Debut Performance: Tues Aug 14, 6p  more info
• Picnic Chick-Fil-A Box Meal Pre-Order (optional, but Mon Aug 13, 3:00p deadline)  click here
• Pool Party: Fri Aug 17, 8-11p  more info //  RSVP please 
• Final RRehearsal of Summer 2018: Sat Aug 18, 12-4p + 5:30-8p // plan ahead for the meal break!

RRemember to Hydrate + Rest + Stretch + Review + Repeat 

Have a great weekend; we'll see you Monday at 7am.  


July 30, 2018

Congrats on a fantastic first day of our All-Days summer camp!

Here are a few updates: 

Remember to be safe as you leave campus for lunch; make extra time for midday traffic. If we can help you with lunch, please let us know by signing up. All info you need to know is included in the sign-up form, click here. PARENTS: if you're interested in helping us serve during our lunch and/or fruit/Gatorade breaks, please let us know by signing up here. Thank you!

A special shout-out to our volunteers who serve the mid-morning snack each day!  If you have braces on your teeth, please note that starting tomorrow we'll have a daily banana option.

Please remember that if you're being picked up by car after rehearsal at the north loop or south loop, and more than half an hour after rehearsal has passed, you MUST return to the bus loop to be picked (please communicate this policy with your ride). Also remember that during summer rehearsals, the Fine Arts quad glass doors will locked fiteen minutes after rehearsal has begun, after which students must enter the building via te UCA doors at the northeast corner of campus. Both of these policies are in place for your safety.

You might not feel thirsty now, but it's critical that you drink MORE water than you THINK you need. This week's forecast is somewhat mild compared to next week's forecast. During NEXT week's heat, you'll thank yourself for overhydrating THIS week. Also remember to balance your water intake with some electrolytes (found in sports drinks). Avoid energy drinks and other sugary, caffeine-charged drinks. So - go drink some water - like, right now! 

Brass students, remember that your uniform fittings are scheduled for THIS WEEK. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for a Tuesday or Thursday fitting time. click here

Interested in attending the special event exclusively for UHS 10th graders this Friday?  More info and sign-up click here 

ARTISTRY is what we do (making music with instruments, marching, spinning, and dancing)
•  with EXCELLENCE is how we do what we do (the continuous pursuit of perfection!) 
•  and COMMUNITY is why we do it (for our audience, patrons, families, judges, and supporters -- but most of all, for each other). 

"The biggest enemy of FUTURE success is CURRENT success."  Never stop pushing to be your very best, and exceed the ceiling of your own expectations! 




FROM SCOTT LANG just after finalist announcement
WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Tell the kids I said congrats, good luck and I knew it from when I saw them at the pre-lims performance! You must be stoked!

FROM SUPERINTENDENT DR. KIRT HARTZLER just after finals performance
Congrats on a GREAT FINALS performance. You all were beyond amazing! So proud of students and staff. This was a record performance and I trust judges will respond.

FROM MICHAEL FERCH of THE WENGER CORPORATION just after semifinals performance
WOW x5!  I just caught your group’s performance during the semis at MFA. That was absolutely INCREDIBLE!  What a show! First, congratulations! Second, hats off to you, your students and your staff on a job well done.  

On behalf of the RR Alumni Association, congratulations on being a finalist at grand nationals. This is no small accomplishment. Though your peers outside of band may not fully appreciate or understand all that this represents, as Alumni, we do. You know that this program has a great tradition. It is highly regarded by those who have gone before you. The Alumni are so incredibly proud of you. You have carried on the legacy of excellence. I hope that you will one day join our Alumni efforts, but for now enjoy every minute where you are. 

Many things have changed over the years, but some things will always be the same. I still remember that feeling, the one right before stepping onto the field for my Finals performance at Grand Nationals. And I remember that feeling when I left it all on the field. These experiences are priceless. The friendships you form here will last long after you graduate. Being in the Renegade Regiment is special. I saw so many alumni watching the Finals results live on Facebook. People who marched more than a decade ago, who likely do not know a single one of you personally, wanted to be a part of that moment. It means that much to us and that will never change.

We know you have put in so many hours of work and I hope that you are proud of yourselves too. You made sacrifices. You practiced before the sun rose and long after it set. Now, I hope you will have a little fun and enjoy cheering your football team to another State Championship. 

Band Parents, we know this wouldn't happen without you. When your student makes a commitment to this organization, so do you. Thank you for all you do to support not only your own student, but all of the students. I had so many "moms" because of band and they are still in my life. The impact you have in their lives is significant and valuable. Our Alumni Association is not only for students, but Band Parent Alums as well. I hope to see you at our future events as well. 

Congratulations to all of you! 

Brittany L. Young
Class of 2001 

Hello! This is a collaborative email from the band students of Independence, Iowa. We only have about 120 members in our marching band as we are a 3A school so you can imagine our amazement when we saw your show. In Independence, we did rather well in our competition season this year. We competed at several competitions taking first overall in most of them. A group of about 50 of us recently traveled from Northeastern Iowa to Indianapolis to watch the Bands of America championships. Although Union did not win I promise we all thoroughly enjoyed your performance and wanted your band to win! On the charter bus back to the hotel from the stadium we listened to the awards for the semifinals and all sighed when you did not receive anything. The energy the band had as well how into the show and committed every member was was very obvious. Your theme was excellent and your color guard costumes were on point....Overall, your band was amazing and everyone who watched was exhilarated by the performance. Immediately after you performed there was a break in which we went shopping at the expos. Well we were there we were still talking about your show and we were in shock. Thank you so much for inspiring us with your performance and I hope you continue your success in the future!

Makenzie Homan and the Independence Band members

Dear Charles, Union Band Staff, and Students: congratulations on your continued successes this year!  You all are doing a fantastic job performing music, and representing this state at such a high level.  We are all very honored to have colleagues like you working in this state, and continuing to raise the bar of musical success on such a huge stage.

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