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Performance Schedule

2017 Prelims Performance Schedule

Siloam Springs, AR (2A) 11:15 AM
Stillwater, OK (2A) 11:30 AM
Sapulpa, OK (2A) 11:45 AM
Willard, MO (2A)  12:00 PM
Nixa, MO (3A)  12:15 PM
Putnam City North, OK (3A)  12:30 PM      
BREAK (45 Minutes)
Choctaw, OK (3A) 1:30 PM
Bentonville, AR (4A) 1:45 PM
Blue Valley, KS (2A) 2:00 PM
Kickapoo, MO (3A) 2:15
Jenks, OK (4A) 2:30 PM
Bixby, OK (3A) 2:45 PM
JUDGES BREAK (15 Minutes) 3:00 PM
L.D. Bell, TX (4A) 3:15 PM
Grain Valley, MO (2A) 3:30 PM
Blue Springs, MO (4A) 3:45 PM
Poteet, TX (3A) 4:00 PM
Owasso, OK (4A) 4:15 PM
Preliminary Awards (Drum Majors only) 4:30 PM

2017 Finals Performance Schedule - UPDATED 
EXHIBITION by Union HS  6:15pm
Bixby, OK  6:35pm approx
Poteet, TX  6:50pm approx 
Choctaw, OK  7:00pm
Blue Valley, KS  7:15pm
Kickapoo, MO  7:30pm
Stillwater, OK  7:45pm
Jenks, OK  8:00pm
Owasso, OK  8:15pm
L.D. Bell, TX  8:30pm
Grain Valley, MO   8:45pm
Blue Springs, MO  9:00pm
Bentonville, AR  9:15pm

Awards Ceremony- Drum Majors Only - TBA  9:45pm

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