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Would you change the way you pay for something if you could earn a rebate to cover part of your student's fees?


Before you buy something, order scrip.  Pay for your purchase with scrip and earn $$ to pay for your Union Bands fees. 


Families who use scrip weekly for regular family expenses (grocery, household supplies, dining, entertainment) over 12 months can earn enough rebates to pay 25-50% of a student's competitive group fee.


HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: You buy gift cards through the Shop with Scrip at full face value, and use them in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for your everyday shopping or gift giving. Union Bands receives a rebate for each purchase which is deposited into your student account. The difference is immediate fundraising for your student account. We call it “Fundraising While You Shop™” and it really is that easy! 

Shop with Scrip is a year-round fundraiser.

Shop online at

Download:  List of Participating retailers

Get started by creating your account today! The process takes less than 30 minutes which is more than worth your time and effort.

1. Get the UBPC enrollment code.  It is posted in Charms: click on "News" or it is listed in the Scrips letter posted in Student Forms.  If you are a friend or family member of a student, please contact them to obtain the enrollment code.

2. As part of your profile, you will be asked to list a Classroom/Teacher.  Students will have different primary directors over the years so please list your student's graduation year (Class of 20__).

3. You will also list your student's name in your Scrip profile.  If you have multiple students within Union Bands, please designate one name to receive Scrip credit and work with the appropriate UBPC Student Accounts Treasurer team to have profits transferred between student accounts as needed.  You may update the student name at any time through your Shop with Scrip account profile.

4. Presto Pay - This the way to purchase those Scrip gift cards from your phone for immediate use.  After you create your account, immediately setup PrestoPay as a payment type under your Family Functions menu.  Learn about PrestoPay here!

5.  Buy ScripNow(electronic gift cards) for immediate use or plan ahead & order traditional *plastic gift cards.

6.  REBATE BONUSES!!!!  Pay those fees faster by buying scrip with a special offer rebate.  Scrips offers weekly bonus rebate special offers for scrip purchases from popular retailers.  Subscribe to Scrips' weekly emails or check the website for current specials!

NOTE: If you do not see PrestoPay as a payment option at checkout, you need to stop and enroll in PrestoPay before you complete your purchase.  While payment by check is allowed, it complicates the timing because your scrip order will not be released/processed until after you remit payment to UBPC Fundraising at one of the scheduled times we are available for fundraising check-out/turn-in/pick-up.

QuestionWhat's for dinner?                                         AnswerAny restaurant where I can pay with scrip!

Question: Where should I shop for groceries?             Answer: Shop anywhere I can pay with scrip!

Question: Where should I shop?                                   Answer: Anywhere I can pay with scrip!


How can I order plastic gift cards?

Traditional plastic gift cards must be ordered online, paid for in advance via PrestoPay, and are shipped to the coordinator once a month.

The Fine Print

1. If you place an order by mistake, please contact the UBPC Scrip Coordinator immediately.

2. Once an order has been billed, it cannot be canceled. 

3. By signing up for PrestoPay you are making an agreement with Great Lakes Scrip Center that your bank account has sufficient available funds to pay for your Scrip orders.

4. If a bank declines payment of a PrestoPay order, Great Lakes Scrip Center charges UBPC for the full cost of the Scrip, the $0.15 processing fee, plus a $30 insufficient funds fee.  

5.The student account associated with a declined PrestoPay/Scrip order will be charged a Scrip Return Fee for the total amount Great Lakes Scrip Center charges UBPC for the failed transaction. 

6. The account holder with a returned or failed PrestoPay transaction will be contacted and asked to pay the Scrip Return Fee on the student’s account by a specified date.  Failure to pay the Scrip Return fee within the allotted time will result in the Scrip account holder’s PrestoPay privileges being locked.

7. If the Scrip account holder is not is directly associated as an adult on the student account, the adult(s) listed on the student account will also be notified of the circumstances related to a Scrip Return Fee.

8. Repeat occurrences of returned PrestoPay transactions may result in the permanent lock or disabling of a Scrip account.  Attempts to create a new account will also be disabled/locked.

Fundraising Hours (pick-up/turn-in/check-out/in-person questions)

UBPC Resource Times - exact dates/time communicated via Charms email/text communications

Sign up for REMIND - this is how we communicate: text @ubpc-fundr to 81010

For information/questions about scrip please contact:
(please include your student name and grade)

For information/questions about your student account please contact: or
(please include your student name and grade)

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