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What to buy those teens for Christmas?!?!  Make it easy on yourself and purchase gift cards to their favorite stores and/or restaurants.  

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: You buy gift cards through the Union Bands at full face value, and use them in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for your everyday shopping or gift giving. Union Bands buys them from Great Lakes Scrip Center® at a reduced cost. The difference is immediate fundraising for your student account. We call it “Fundraising While You Shop™” and it really is that easy! 

Scrips is a year-round fundriaser.

Download: Information Letter   List of Participating retailers

Shop online at https://www.shopwithscrip.com/.

User Guide (great for first time users!):  

Please contact fundraisingaccounts@unionbands.com for the enrollment code for Union Bands.

Look for these bonuses coming up this weekend:


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