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Adjunct Staff

Guard Assistance
Justin Arenas - Technician
Josh Menken - Technician
Emily Strother - Technician

Percussion Assistance
Justin Arenas - Marching Band, Indoor Competitive 
Ryan Kime
 - Indoor Competitive
Will McAlister - Marching Band, Indoor Competitive
Madison McCandless - Marching Band
Drake Melson - Clinician: Indoor Competitive
Brett Reich - Marching Band, Indoor Competitive
Joe Roach - Clinician: Indoor Competitive, Marching Band
Zac Simons - Marching Band
Travis Smith - Marching Band, Indoor Competitive

Music / Visual Assistance
Luke Bland - Marching Band
Abby Bruce - Marching Band
Carmen Creel - Marching Band
Joe Falvey - Marching Band
Ashley McAlisterMarching Band
Alex Miller - Student Intern
Ben Miner - Marching Band
Matt Tilus - Student Intern

Luis Tecocoatzi - body / yoga / wellness
Daniel Royer - audio systems engineer & coach

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