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All School Musical

Placement in the pit orchestra is by audition. The 2017-18 Program is 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Rehearsals will start at 3:40, and will end by 5:30
Wednesday 15th
Thursday 16th
Monday 20th
Monday 27th
Tuesday 28th
Wednesday 29th
Thursday 30th

Monday 4th
Tuesday 5th
Wednesday 6th
Thursday 7th
Monday 11th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th

January (times will vary)
Thursday 4th (until 6:30)
Friday 5th (pit sound check)
Monday 8th (in the pit until 6:30)
Tuesday 9th
Wednesday 10th
Thursday 11th
Tuesday 16th
Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
Monday 22nd (tech/dress)
Tuesday 23rd (tech/dress)
Wednesday 24th (dress)
Thursday 25th (dress)
Monday 29th Full Dress
Tuesday 30th Dress
Wednesday 31st Dress

Thursday 1st Dress
Saturday 3rd Possible work day
Monday 5th Final dress call @ 6, curtain @7
Tuesday 6th Teaser Day 8AM Call
Wednesday 7th Performance call @ 6
Thursday 8th Performance call @6
Friday 9th Performance call @6
Saturday 10th TWO PERFORMANCES Call @1, Call @ 6 

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