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Fall Guard

2019 Color Guard Summer Rehearsal Schedule
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2019 Union H.S. Color Guard Roster
If an * appears by name, the student has not yet met all audition requirements, which may include a CHARMS account balance, mandatory paperwork, or physical exam not on file, and his/her performance position is considered unconfirmed at this time. 

Aliyah Abu-Saleh
Ayyanah J Bahir
Destiny Blair*
Ryane Brunner
Grace Burnett
Kylie Campbell
Kailyn Carpenter
Bella Collins
Taylor Crysler
Kallen Deroin
Madeline Do
Rian Donaldson
Tobi Donaldson
Mahala Duncan
Ashley Fisher
Samantha Gayton
Leah Gibson
Savannah Greeno
Aaron Gutierrez
Elli Hall
Nathan Hall
Nina Hoang
Raya Johnson
Amelia Kannon
Rachel Lee
Paulina Martinez
Kaitlyn McClary
Saturn McKenzie
Trinity McMahon
Chloe Moon
Adrianna Mysse
Nel Niang
Melinda O'Brien
Katrina Parker
Ashlyn Peters
Emma Playford
Emma Rodrequez
Kristina Rodriguez*
Gianna Sanchez 
Cooper Spinks
Yuri Torres Medrano*
Anna Wetherbee
Ella  Wetherbee

This membership roster is not finalized until completion and submssion of all paperwork.

IMPORTANT for Members & Parents to note: In the fall guard season, when the term "band" is used in published information, it means (includes) the color guard. 

Chelsea Arenas
Guard Director


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