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Every person who works is required to have a Signup Genius account to sign up for Driller work slots.   All notifications for when a signup goes live will be send via REMIND (see Notifications section).
2019 Signup Genius for DRILLERS
We understand that signups for some games fill up very fast when there are less than 30 positions. We have tried very hard to make these opportunities fair for all who want to work.  To this end, we will post signups at least two weeks before a game; we will rotate go live times to be random from 5am to midnight on different days of the week.  We do have requirements number of adult (beer selling/ grill worker) positions therefore at time you will need to look for an adult signup and a student signup.
Signups are limited to two shifts per student in band program, with preferential treatment given to members of Renegade Regiment.  If not all slots fill up, we will open up the slots to 3 or 4 shifts per student.  If you have two students in the band program, you can have Dad and Jack (high school student) and Mom and Jill (high school student), but you will need two signup genius accounts to do this.
You may request to work a certain stand or position but it is at the sole discretion of the volunteer coordinator for your placement each shift.  Your volunteer coordinator is your stand manager and that is the only person you should go to with questions regarding your position.  We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to learn new positions or just do that one position that you are great at doing!

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