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Bassoon Bonanza

Registration is now open for the 2019 Bassoon Bonanza to be held June 10 - 14 at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is a five-day workshop for bassoonists of junior high and high school level in addition to interested adult players.
Resident artists will be Richard Ramey, Susie Brown, and Charlotte Blakely, members of the Tulsa Symphony. Special guest artist for this year will be bassoonist and pedagogue Dr. Robert Jordan who will be conducting masterclasses during the week.  He will also have a number of quality refurbished bassoons for sale.  Any interested students are encouraged to try them out.
In addition to daily reedmaking sessions, the 2019 Bassoon Bonanza will offer sessions on a variety of subjects:
“Winning Auditions: Strategies for a great performance,” The Importance of Scales and Arpeggios in Developing Your Technique,” vibrato, “Organizing your Daily and Weekly Practice Sessions,” “Using the Tuning CD to Build Solid Intonation,” “Learning Tenor Clef," “Opportunities for the Musician in the 2010s,” “Buying Your Own Bassoon,” contrabassoon, “An Aural Potpourri of Music for Bassoon,” “Beginning Improvisation for Bassoonists,”  and "Bassoon maintenance"
An exciting part of the 2019 Bassoon Bonanza will be the chance to perform in a massed bassoon ensemble known as the Barking Basset Bassoon Ensemble. Participants will come together daily for rehearsals and a final concert on Friday will present the various selections worked on during the week.
For more information and to register for the 2019 Bassoon Bonanza, please visit:
or contact Richard Ramey at

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