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8th Grade Night

Union HS Varsity Football Game vs. Mustang (Homecoming)

Where:Union High School (6636 S. Mingo Rd) – Tuttle Stadium

When:Friday, October 4th, 2019 - 5:45PM - 11:30PM

Meet:Students should meet in the HS Atrium at 5:45PM. The Atrium is located directly outside the NW Stadium gate; right near the huge scoreboard.  It is a round glassed room.

What to bring: your instrument, neck straps, reeds, mouthpiece, accessories, etc. You may leave your cases in your car/home or bring them and leave them in the atrium.  They will not be taken inside the stadium.

Attire:Students are to wear their band t-shirt (to be distributed in class this week) along with blue or black jeans or black pants and comfortable tennis shoes.  Students can bring and wear a jacket in the stands provided it is black, gray, red, or white.

  • The Union Band Parents Club has cordially invited all 8th grade band students to a postgame social with the HS band students immediately following the game.  Pizza and drinks will be provided to all eighth graders for free. We would like to encourage all students to stay and hang out with each other and your new HS buddies. There will be plenty of supervision, food, drinks, and fun.  It is required that all students have a ride home by 11:30PM.  You may be picked up in the parking lot directly west of Tuttle Stadium and South of the High School. The social will take place either in the UMAC or the HS South Commons.  Students are not required to attend the social and may be dismissed immediately following the playing of the Alma Mater at the end of the game.  


  • Inclement weather – If it is raining, woodwinds will go inside to case up instruments and return to the stadium.  Brasses and percussion will likely play in the rain. In the case of threatening lightning, appropriate shelter will be taken.  Feel free to bring a school color (black, red, gray, or white) jacket to wear in the stands.  No jackets will be worn onto the field for the performance.


  • Performance – The 8th grade students will join the HS Band on the field immediately following their half time performance to play the School Fight Song. Parents wishing to watch the performance will be required to purchase a ticket to the game at the stadium box office. Students in uniform, of course, are free.


  • This performance is mandatory and will be a significant factor in each student’s semester grade.

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