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Wind Ensemble OkMEA Performance

Friday, January 17

3:30pm Load Truck, 
3:45pm Snack served
4:30pm Dress into formal concert attire
5:15pm Load Bus, Depart UHS
5:45pm Arrive TPAC, Unload
6:00pm Set up on TPAC Chapman Music Hall stage
6:15pm Warm-up / Soundcheck on stage
6:45pm Break
7:15pm Seated on stage
7:30pm Performance at Tulsa Performing Arts Center
8:00pm Concert concludes, Stow instruments, Be seated in the auditorium for BA Concert 
8:15pm Attend BA Concert
8:45pm BA Concert concludes, Load buses, Depart for Dinner
9:00pm Celebration Dinner at McNellie's (private room, meal compliments of UBPC)
10:15pm Dinner concludes, Depart for UHS
10:45pm Unload and dismiss

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