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There are several summer camps for guard members.  Union provides exceptional staff and summer training for our HS guard members, but if any 9-12 graders want to attend a camp they will need to make sure it doesn't conflict with any summer rehearsals.  These camps would not replace attending any rehearsals.  However, those students who will be in grades 7/8 next year are encouraged to attend a summer training camp.  We recommend Missouri State University's "Spin" Camp. They are located in Springfield, MO.  Click HERE for a camp registration form. 

Tan/Nude Gloves  All students need to get these ASAP!  We will do group orders at the beginning of the summer for show gloves. But it is highly encouraged to have an extra pair or rehearsal set.
Body Tight  All female students must have this by Aug. band.  You can also purchase these at Black & Pink (E of 81st & Garnett).
Rifle  All students will own a rifle.  We will do group orders of these at the beginning of each season.  If a member's rifle breaks, it is the responsibility of the student to replace their rifle on their own in a timely manner.


Students have asked about how to get their own flags/poles/rifles to use at home. American Band supply is located in Springfield, MO, and can usually ship items out same day. You can also click on each item below and the link will take you directly to that item. Another company we frequent is McCormicks for many of our glove or rifle needs. Any of these things can be ordered at either location.

•  6 Foot POLE (specify 6' length, black rubber endcaps)

• 2 RUBBER END CAPS (you can also purchase 1" rubber “Crutch” tips or furniture caps at any hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, Westlake Ace)

•  FLAG  (any F-7 shaped silk, any color)

•  King Kong Rifle  37 inches, Black leather strap, and Black Bolt.
IMPORTANT:  If you order on your own, request a weight of 1.75-2 lbs for your rifle, otherwise, it will be heavy! (Link coming soon)

•  GUARD GLOVES  (tan/nude)

These items are all in stock and will arrive in 2-3 days.
For your flag pole, you will also need carriage bolts from Lowes, Home Depot or Westlake Ace. These slide into the top of the pole and give it the proper weighting. Students should not rehearse without weighting their equipment. The carriage bolt will have a rounded, flat, wide head on it, preventing it from slipping inside the hollow flag pole. The hardware store staff can assist you in finding this item. Students may ask any of the guard staff to find out what size bolt they should get.

We use electrical tape to attach the silks to the pole.  Tape can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, Westlake Ace, in the electrical department. The students will know how to tape on their flag.

Click HERE for info on how to tape a new rifle
(these must be taped properly prior to use for longevity reasons)

Click HERE for list of our Equipment Technique Exercises

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