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    August 08, 2017 

    Band camp is in full swing and we have some new faces joining us!  If you are a new student or parent, we are so excited you are apart of this amazing organization.  To help you nagivate the marching season, here are some tips brought to you by returning parents!!!


    TIP #1 - Think LONG TERMfor fundraising.  There are so many great opportunities to raise money for your student's account that happen all year long.  Start now for next year!


    TIP #2 - Make sure youATTEND the RR Summer Family Picnic.  There will be returning parents here to answer all your questions and help you navigate all of the events and opportunities to get involved. 


    TIP #3 GET INVOLVED.  It takes an army of volunteers to support our students while they are working hard to be the best.  Find your place in that army!  We need and want you.  The rewards are tremendous. 


    TIP #5 - Read, READ, repeat.  You will get alot of information thrown at you in the next several weeks.  Communication is important to the success of our organization and we like to keep you updated as much as we can.  Visit the website and get on those reminds.  


    TIP #6 - Have a QUESTION?  ASK!  At all events, you will notice parents wearing a name badge.  These are our UBPC board members and they have the answers to your questions.  Don't be afraid to snag us and get those answers. 


    TIP #7 - HAVE FUN!  This band life is SO FUN so jump on board and enjoy the ride. 

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