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Aldrich-Finkbeiner, Angela
Colorguard/winterguard/vocalist-jazz band

Hello all!
      In December '05, I got married to Isaac Finkbeiner, and we have been married for over 3 years now.  We lived in near Omaha, Nebraska, for about a year and a half.  Isaac is now in law school at OU, so that moved us back to Oklahoma.  We have now been in Norman for almost 2 years.  I teach 3rd grade for an elementary school in Western Heights Public Schools (in OKC).  We do not have any children, but we do have 2 birds and a dog.  Life is busy and tiring these days, but I'm still enjoying every moment.  I still look back on my years in guard with fond memories.  I can't believe it has almost been 10 years since we graduated!

Last updated: 02/09

Anderson-Butcher, Katie
Alto Sax

It's been awhile since I last updated. Not too much has changed. I am still a stay at home mommy and Michael works for Hart Heating and Air and has taken over my dad's Solar Screen business. Michael is still racing and the kids and I still go out and support him at the track every weekend. Both girls love going to the races. Cheryl will be 4 in September and Taylor just turned 2 in April. The doctors finally released Taylor for daycare, so both kids will be going to PALS at Southwood Baptist Church three days a week. I am thinking about going to school probably starting in January to get a degree for a Dental Assistant. That's all that's going on right now. Everything I do revolves around my two girls and Michael's racing, since I always have to go get the parts he needs or his fuel. Feel free to e-mail anytime. Would love to hear from anyone.

July 2006 - Been a long time since I have updated, so I thought now was a good time! I am working for a small accounting place called AccountsPlus. I do bookkeeping for various companies and this fall will be learning how to do taxes so that when the next tax season comes, I will be able to help my boss with tax returns. Michael and I are still married. In March we celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary. Michael is now working for Coca-Cola as a driver. So far he seems to like it. Our girls are getting big. Cheryl is almost 6 years old. She will turn 6 in September. She will be starting Kindergarten in August. She keeps us busy with her dance performances. She is taking dance in Broken Arrow at a place called the Pom Zone. Taylor is now 4 and will be starting Pre-K in August. Both kids going to school! Taylor is daddys helper in the garage. Michael still races a micro sprint car. So our weekends are pretty much always the same, racing on Saturday nights. That is about all that is going on in our lives. Feel free to drop a line sometime.

Last updated: 07/06 

Barrick-Eddings, Elena 
Current Location: Tulsa, OK

Just read over my old bio and figured it was time for a major overhaul/update. Alot has changed since I last updated everyone so it's time for some new info to replace the old! So here goes: 2004 was rather uneventful really. 2005: I had a brief stint in the Army Reserves, sadly I was medically discharged 3 days before graduation of BCT. And I'm actually rather glad for that. Took a break from college for a bit as well. 2006:Went back to college for a couple of semesters then decided to take yet another break while I figured out what to change my major to. I still do graphic design,however there's no jobs here in Oklahoma for it and I really don't want to move right now. So it's more of a hobby. 2006 is also the year I met my now husband, Darrell. 2007: Darrell and I got married Oct. 25th. 2008:Nothing really interesting here. 2009:Darrell and I are fixing to celebrate our 2 yr wedding anniversary in Oct. and also celebrate 3 years being together. We don't have any kids yet but that may be in the works in the next couple of years. I'll be going back to school in the spring to get a teaching degree as I've decided to teach history at or about the 4th grade level. This year just a couple of months ago in fact my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and has undergone surgery and is now in chemo. So it's been a bit stressful lately but she's a fighter and the doctors are hopeful that they'll get rid of it. I'm staying optomistic. Other than that things are good,it's hard to believe our 10 year reunion is coming up. I can't wait to see everyone again! As always go RR! 

Updated: 09/09

Blumenthal, Kim
Alto Sax, Drum Major

School is going well for me. I'm working on my last semester at KU, and I'll be graduating May 23rd with a music education degree (how exciting!) Following that, I'll be in Kansas student teaching for a 5th year (one semester of Elementary General Music, and one semester of High School Band.) When I'm not in class, I work in one of the music offices on campus and give saxophone lessons to local kids. Currently I'm playing alto sax in Wind Ensemble and I'm still President of KU's chapter of SAI (women's music fraternity.) I gave my senior recital last fall, so this semester I get to have fun! I'll be playing a marimba/alto sax duet with one of my percussion performance friends. I'm excited because it's such a rockstar piece! =) I received two drum corps DVDs over the holidays, so watching those and doing my band scrapbook are also keeping me busy. I hope all is well with everyone!

Updated 08/06 - After finishing classes for my Masters in Music Education at KU in May, I was hired by the Shawnee Mission School District in the Kansas City area. I am teaching beginning band at seven elementary schools and helping the West High School marching band. On June 30th I became engaged to my boyfriend of almost two years, Dan Balsinger. No details are decided yet, but stay tuned. (The picture is of us at my roommate's wedding this summer.) Take care! =)

Last updated: 08/06

Bond, Stephanie


I am a third year student at Rochester Institute of Technology. My major is Biomedical Computing with a concentration in Information Technology and in Philosophy. Iâm also thinking about going into Industrial Design. I am the secretary for the House of General Science. I take a course load of about 18 hours which in actual hours ends up being about 23 hours in classrooms/labs/studios. I spend most of my time working on projects for my classes which include anything from designing a website, building a system for a specific user, or creating an animated game. In my spare time I tutor the kids on floor in Physics, Calculus, and occasionally Computer Science if I have the time. When Iâm not tutoring Iâm playing basketball, volleyball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), hockey, billiards, ping-pong, or rock wall climbing (very fun). This year I might join the ski team and snowboard in some competitions if I can find the time. In addition to all of that I am working on my portfolio and it seems that every time I get a painting finished someone is asking me if I would paint them one. Unfortunately Iâm not in any band program up here because I just donât have time and when it is offered I already have a class at that time. I love the snow. The only bad thing about snow is walking a quarter mile to your 8AM in six inches of snow.

Last updated: 11/02

Butcher, Michael


I work for Grass Roots now. When I get home from work, I head to the garage and work on my micro race car. On the weekends my family and I go to Tulsa Speedway to support our friends, the McClellands, yes our kids like this racing thing. They ask to go all the time. During off season, we go watch the Tulsa Oilers and the kids love that too. Katie and I have been married for a year and a half now. Who knew? We just bought a new car to haul the family around. Nothing too exciting going on other than my oldest will turn 3 on Sept. 18. Taylor is 16 months old and is just like her daddy with the bully attitude. Feel free to send me an e-mail.

Last updated: 08/03

Carey, Lindsay
Flute, Drum Major, Jazz Keyboard

I'm going to be at OSU studying something yet to be determined - probably a business major of some sort. Jenny Yeager, Jennifer Landphair and I are suite budies so come see us if you're over that way.
Dorm Address:
Lidsay Carey, 309 Patch Hall, Stillwater, OK 74077

Last updated: 08/01

Chambers-Trevino, Keri

Color Guard


My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary on June 18. It is incredible how fast the year went by! Ryan and I are still living in Austin and I have been working at at flower shop called KaBloom for the past nine months. I am one of three designers at the shop and I am enjoying what I am doing, especially working on wedding flowers!

Ryan is still working at National Instruments as a Project Manager. We don't have any kids yet and don't plan to for a couple more years. For now we are just enjoying being an Aunt and Uncle to our 14 and 4 year-old nieces and our 1 week old nephew, who we are looking forward to meeting when we visit Oklahoma in August! We both really miss Oklahoma and hope to live back in Norman someday. I would love to hear from anyone, so please feel free to email me sometime.

God Bless,
Keri Trevino

Last updated: 07/06

Erazo, Jaime



People still update so I guess I'll keep up. I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in May 05 from OU. I'm working on my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from OU also. I'll be here for a few more years but it's worth it.

So there it is, no wife, no kids, no pets, just me and my girlfriend (hey babe!) and still enjoying the student life before it all ends. To see what The Crew has been up to, visit


Last updated: 05/06

Frost, Jessica

Drumline if you want to check it out. I met Anna Nalick a few weeks back and there's a really good story on there about that. I also have started my own personal concierge service, called The Go-To Girl. It's basically a fancy way of saying I run errands for people. I'm pretty excited about it! Adam is working for Aspen Athletic Center. He's hoping to get on at the Tulsa Fire Department sometime in the summer. We'll see how it goes. I'm very happy, and I hope to hear from a lot of you and that everything is well in your lives!

July 2006 - We need to have a discush about my life. It changes obnoxiously frequently! Okay, so, I'm divorced now and back to Jessica Frost (screw that Ewart BS, what kind of name is that anyway?!) I know you are all curious and I have no hangups about it so I'll just tell you! Adam was, in addition to a lot of other inappropro things, A CHEATER. And, well, you have to be RETARDED to cheat on me and think you will get away with it. So, that's that. Now I'm going back to school, majoring in business, at Totally Cool College and then transferring to OSU-Tulsa. Do any of you guys remember Wes King from BA? He's my bf now (I know that's fast but I'm just crraaaazy). And I live right down the street from Micah Lucie although he never returns phone calls and SUCKS (just kidding...but seriously). So, I'm gonna be in Tulsa probably forever which is exactly the opposite of what I always wanted. This place is like a vortex!!!! Well, email me or something. Oh and go to my new website.

Last updated: 07/06

Gaither, Allison


Hey everyone, I had no idea that this page was even's pretty cool. Well anyway, I am still going to TCC(i know, pretty bad), i have been there FOREVER! I have changed my major a couple times, and that has caused things to be slow. Anyway, I finally decided what I wanted to do and will be starting Nursing school next January. I plan to get a BSN, and then a master's degree and do Nurse anesthesiology. Putting people to sleep, fun huh. Nothing much else is going on, I still live at home...although my mom lives in Florida for 9 months out of the year, so it's like having my own house. :) No kids, no marriage, although i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we are trying to save money so that we can get married...both of us have crappy jobs. Alright well, I guess that's all for now, it would be great to hear from any of you. Hope everyone is doing good! Later

Last updated: 04/05

Hakola, Lucy


My life is pretty dull right now. I've just been working at Home Depot and still going to Oklahoma City University. Ocassionally I will help out bands from out of state with booking and promotions here in Oklahoma.

I've worked with one specific band called The Mercy Kiss from Los Angeles, CA. Amazing guys who really believe in what they do.

Other than that I still haven't really decided what to do after I graduate, luckily it will not be for awhile, since they keep adding more classes for me to take before I can graduate.

Well you can keep track of my life on

Take it easy everyone!!

Last updated: 06/05

Hart, Adrianne
Bass Clarinet 

Hey everyone! It's been a minute since I have updated so let me get to that. I finally after six long years, quit working for Blockbuster. I now work in a casino in Sand Springs. It's a lot of fun and I get to meet a lot people. I am currently residing in south Tulsa. I have no kids and just recently split from my boyfriend of six years. As far as college, I am finishing that at my own pace. I'll get there eventually. Yeah, so take care everybody!
Last updated: 05/06

Hartung, Matt


I graduated from OSU in December 2004. During the fall semester I student taught at Bixby High School.

I am currently the band director at Pawhuska High School. The band will be competing in contests at Chelsea on September 24, Pryor on October 8, and OBA at Choctaw on October 15.

Last updated: 09/05

Hayer, Angela


I now live in Tampa, FL and have graduauted from Saint Leo Unvisity with a BA in psychology back in 2004. Now i work as a crisis councelor on a domestic violence hotline and work with women and children in the shelter.

Last updated: 02/06

Jumper, Anthony


Graduated May 2005 from the University of Oklahoma.

Last updated: 07/05

Knode, Ann
Bass Clarinet

Wow, this page is so cool. I'm so excited that i found it! Anyway, after high school i left for the frozen north of Minnesota to study theatre. After two years I decided that I hated freezing and moved back to tulsa for a little while and then finally decided to go to St. Gregory's Univ to finish my theatre degree. I should graduate by dec. '04. I'm not married, no kids or anything and hopefully won't have any for a while. Although, I do have a boyfriend. We've been together since april. I'm in Tulsa most weekends so drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you all. Good luck and best wishes to everyone!

Last updated: 01/04

Lee, Carol

Clarinet, Winter Guard

Hi everyone! I just graduated from Vanderbilt University last May and I'm living in Nashville with my two roommates from college and having an amazing time. I am working part time at a bar, and also as a Market Rep for Anheuser Busch. In June, I'm moving to NYC with a friend from school. If anyone wants visuals of the debauchery that is my life, then you can check out login under and my password is "carol." Click on "view all albums." Hope everyone is doing well! Please keep in touch and if anyone wants to come to Nashville, I have a comfy couch.

Last updated: 01/05

Matthews, Landon



Howdy! Just to let you all know, I'm happily married. We tied the knot about a week ago. Raven is her name and we met here in Guam. I'm living in my own place in the middle of party central. It's a drunken stumble home from any club. That's about all the new news. Hope everything is great for everyone else. Take care and have fun.

Last updated: 03/05

McClurkin-Geddings, Stephanie


Well, I am an offical college graduate. I graduated from NSU back in May and now I am getting ready to start Graduate school this fall. I am still working as an office manager in Tulsa, but I have been going back and forth to Houston to visit my sister and my new niece. I stay pretty busy with school and work, but you can always e-mail me.

July 2006 - Wow, it's been a while since I've updated. I got married in November of 2005! and I graduated with my Masters in Business Administration in May of 2006. Now that I am finally done with school, I'm getting ready to move to OKC! I'm in the process of finding someone to take over my job in Tulsa so that I can move to OKC with my husband and find a new job. Hope everyone is doing great, feel free to e-mail or call me sometime (918-808-5133).

Last updated: 07/06

Meyer, Amanda


So after 4 wonderful years in good ole Stilly, I received a degree. But I decided that one degree was just not enough so I'm working on my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I've left Oklahoma behind (for now) and moved to Mississippi to attended the University of Southern Mississippi. My parents are moving to Mississippi over the summer and my little sister is graduating in May and will be attending OSU, so that's good news. Right now it's just me but I don't have a whole lot of time for anything but school. Who knows what the future holds.

Last updated: 11/04

Milligan, Shannon


Well, I graduated in May with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. But I'm still at OSU for two more years working on my Masters in Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (say that three times fast). I still work as a Community Facilitator and otherwise just chill and eat lots of ice cream. So if you're in Stillwater, I think I know it pretty dang well now. Especially if you are bringing me ice cream.

Last updated: 08/04

Murphy, Amanda

Flute & Piccolo

I am currently a sophomore at OSU, getting my major in International Business with a minor in Spanish. And I'm ready to go back to Stillwater because I can't wait to get into my brand new apartment and live on my own again. :) I miss everyone and hope you are having a great time with whatever you are doing!!! :) Write me...I'd love to hear from you!!! :)

Last updated: 08/01

Newcomer, Jocelyn


Olson, Daniel

Tenor Sax

It's January and 9 degrees. Life in New England. Well, since I last submitted, I have decided to take the plunge; I asked Lauren, my wonderful girlfriend of 2 years to marry me, and she said yes on Christmas Eve. Tentative plans put the wedding at least a year to 18 months out, due to the fact that it's like 2000 miles from my home! But I am as happy as ever, and reached really deep into myself to find the willpower to finish pharmacy school. Effective in the fall, I will attend the Mass. College of Pharmacy here in Boston, and one of these days, (hopefully) I will receive my Pharm.D. and will be responsible for making sure actual people get proper medication. Scary, huh?

Anyway, I am loving it here, even if I can't watch Oklahoma football every Saturday. Fortunately I can catch a Sox game whenever, and if they weren't terrible, the Bruins. Unfortunately, the Pats just lost, so I won't be seeing them for a while. And now I'm rambling so I'll end it here, and wish everyone the best in whatever you choose to do, and I hope to hear from of some of you! Take care and Take State RR!

Last updated: 01/06

Padley, Brandon


Brandon Padley from the class of 2000 and a marcher in 98 (bass), 99 (pit), and 00 (bass), sadly passed away on April 16, 2004.

Last updated:  06/06

Scovil, Matt


Well its been over five years since I graduated so I figured I'd finally do this thing.

After graduation in May 2000 I went to Oklahoma State, and I graduated in May 2004 with a double major in Marketing and International Business. In August of 2004 I started law school at the University of Tulsa, and I am now half-way through that program, and when I'm not slaving at the law school I work at a law firm downtown.

Life has been great, if hectic, and I'm still best friends with Sean Rohrbacker and great friends with the old high school clic.

I miss my days in the good ol RR and hope that they continue to do as awesome as we did. Hope everyone is well! Shoot me an email sometime.

Last updated: 11/05

Stocker, Richard

Trumpet - Marching Band, Wind Symphony, Jazz

Well I finally started flying here in Florida after an 11 week wait. The weather has been awesome, and the T-34C is so much fun to fly. It's a tank! I've been extremely busy as pilot training is harder than the Academy was; fortunately for me it's not 4 years long. Good luck to everyone, keep in touch!

July 2006 - I finished the first part of my pilot training in Pensacola, FL and I am moving to Vance AFB, OK (out in Enid) to fly the T-38 for the Air Force. The T-38 trainer is a twin engine jet that prepares us for flying fighters (like the F-15, F-16, or A-10). I'll be out there for about 7 months, and I'm halfway looking forward to being back in Oklahoma. Drop me a line sometime...peace!

Last updated: 07/06

Taylor, Amanda

Current Location: Tulsa, OK

UPDATE 12/05

It has been a wacky year for me! I've done a lot of traveling and hope to do a bit more next year too. Jen (c/o 2003) is all over Europe and I hope to meet up with her over there in the summer.

In August I had septum surgery. Unfortunately it didn't work so next month I'll be having a sinus surgery. So hopefully after all is said and done I will be able to breathe.

I'm working as a nanny, going on a year now. I think I've found my life's work. I loved teaching when I was doing that, but being a nanny is so rewarding for me. I love the one-on-one interaction with children. Anyway, I'm in the Tulsa area so give me a shout. 918-770-2267

UPDATE 09/2009
After two years of living in northern Virginia, in the DC metro area, I moved back to Tulsa in June, 2008.  I have been continually working in the childcare field since high school and graduated from the CDA credential program in April, 2008.  I am now living with a wonderful man and we have plans to marry towards the end of 2010.

Taylor-Vick, Kristin

Hey there guys! It has been a while so I thought I would update. Not too much has changed. Loving the single life. My daughter just turned 3 so most of the time I am trying to keep up with her. Still working here at Nelson Mazda and loving it. Keeps me very busy. Hope everyone and everything are going well. Keep in touch and drop me a line sometime. =)

2007 - Hello all! I just wanted to update everyone on my life. My daughter turned 4 yesterday! I can't believe how time flys sometimes. I have changed jobs and I am currently working as a credit assistant for Mill Creek Lumber/Carpet & Tile. I do the same things as my manager does but they cant have 2 managers in the department. But, it is nice and I like the change of atmosphere from a dealership. Nothing else is really knew I guess. I mainly go out with my friends and cause some trouble..j/k. Hope everything is going well with everybody. Take care and drop me a line sometime!

Last updated: 02/07

Walker (Rohrbacker), Liz

Alto Sax

I got on the website and decided enough had changed in my life to warrant a new bio. First, Sean and I got married on October 1, 2005, in Oklahoma City. We had a great wedding and a lot of RR alumni from 2000 were there or actually in the wedding. We are now living in St. Louis and we both work for the same Architecture firm in Clayton, he as a Landscape Architect and myself as an Interior Designer. We love living in St. Louis, but miss Oklahoma and all our friends there. My new brother-in-law, Eric Rohrbacker, is a member of the current Renegade Regiment so we are excited to see the RR play up here next fall. The photo is a picture of our wedding with Sean, me, Eric and my brother Jason Walker (another RR alum c/o 96). Feel free to drop me a line.

Last updated: 06/06

Walker, Megan

Flute, Piccolo & Winter Guard

Hey all! I'm now a Sophomore at the University of Oklahoma and am working towards my BMA in flute performance with a secondary emphasis in Business Management with a minor in's hard, but fun =) Oh, and I've just recently joined the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band. QUITE different than RR and hard to get used to, but it's fun. GO SOONERS!!!

Musically yours,

Last updated: 09/01


Blumenthal, Kim

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