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Bailey, Brian
Trumpet-Marching, Wind Symphony and Jazz

I am looking forward to graduating in May (as I'm sure many of you are). I will receive my Bachelor's of Music in Church Music on May 20th if all goes well on my senior recital April 13th (and it will... no worries there). After graduation, I plan to spend some quality time with my family and girlfriend before moving to Fort Worth next fall to start work on my Master's in Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Life has been good... and college here at OBU has been the best experience of my life so far. It's good to hear excellent reports from everyone on what they have been doing. God bless each and every one of you!

Last updated: 02/06

Blevins, Kerrie
Bass Clarinet

I'm a senior at UCO in Edmond. Want more? email me.


Last updated: 12/05

Carlson, Adam

Guess what? I am stuck in Iraq right now! How cool is that? I wish I had some cool college stories for you, got plenty of Iraq stories though. I can still type GO SOONERS though right? Hey if you thought your Spring Break was "hot" this year, try mine! Email if you want, junk food is always appreciated! Bush/Cheney 2005!!


Last updated: 06/04

Cease, Katie
Front Ensemble/Oboe Vibes/Piano - Jazz Band


Hey all! I decided to give a little update on my life here at OBU. I am currently a junior with plans to graduate next May with a Bachelors in Instrumental Music Education. I will student teach in the Fall and am really looking forward to some practical application. For those of you who do not know, I am engaged (December 2004) and plan to be married in June 2006. Aaron and I met my freshman year at OBU and have dated since October 2002. He is finishing his master's degree this May. After I graduate and get married, I hope to either go to grad school or start teaching. Feel free to email anytime - I would love to hear from you guys.

Last updated: 04/05

Clark, Justin

Well after I played baritone in marching band for 3 years I realised that my first and true love was clarinet. I have decided to try to pursue it professionally. It is tuff being a starving artist but every once and while I'll play a big wedding or bar mitzvah and that helps out. Stay in touch, please email me at


Last updated: 03/03

Clark, Lindsey


Hey everyone! David and I are engaged!! :) He proposed over Spring Break in Denver while I was up there visiting.

Things are going fantastic! We're getting married this August on the 12th in Tulsa. Then I will be moving up to Denver with him while he finishes his last year of school and then who knows! Needless to say it's been an exciting
(and very busy) summer so far! Congratulations to everyone else who just got engaged! Love you all!

Last updated: 07/05

Coghill, Phillip

Life is busy. I'm in my junior year at TU. Working towards a bachelors in Chemical Engineering with a Pre-Med Option. Planning on taking the GRE and maybe the MCAT at the end of the year. I'll probably go get my Ph.D. in ChemE or Biomedical Engineering based on where I end up. On the social side of things: I'm the Treasurer for Student Association (student gov't), Pledgemaster for Alpha Phi Omega, President of the TU Chapter of the ChemE professional society, and also involved with my dorm's activities council, Scroll Honor Society, and the ChemE Honor Society. Oh and I'm also working as an intern out at Delphi Catalyst in Catoosa doing research on new technology for catalytic converters. Yeah, I'm worn out by the time the weekend comes around. That's about all for now! Drop me a line sometime!


Last updated: 10/04

Cornish, Scott


I'm at the University of Arkansas right now. That's about it.

Last updated: 10/02

Davis, Matthew

Hello all, I worked all summer and now I am currently attending The University of Tulsa. Phillip Coghill is my roommate. I am majoring in Computer Science with possiblitly of switching to a CIS major. Everything is going great and love college life. The joys of sleeping in has been awesome. Wish the band the best of luck and hope for success again this year. Go RR


Last updated: 09/02

Davis, Lauren
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari Sax, Flute, Clarinet


I'm at OSU and doing rather well double-majoring in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Look me up in the campus directory if youâre ever in the area. Iâd love it if youâd stop by to say hi!

Last updated: 03/04

Fletcher, Melissa
Drumline & Jazz Band


Wow, I can't believe we graduated 2 1/2 years ago! I'm in my junior year at OSU and still majoring in elementary education. School is great, but I'm starting to get excited about getting out there and teaching! Other than classes, I do a lot with the College of Education and go to lots of sporting events on campus. GO POKES! When I'm not at school I work for a family from church as a part- time nanny, if that's what you want to call it. They keep me busy and I can't wait to have kids, but don't worry- no rings or babies anywhere in the near future! I hope you all are doing well, and if you're ever in Stillwater, look me up! 

Last updated: 12/04

Francisco, Jessica "Frankie"


Well since my last update, things have become more interesting in my life!! I am engaged to a wonderful man named Christopher Ducker. We met at NSU during our Sophmore year. We are getting married October 14, 2005. I graduate in May with my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have moved back to Tulsa, and I am now living with a friend. I work at Starbucks in Target on 71st. I love it!! If you get the chance stop by and say hi!!! It is crazy how everyone is growing up... but it happens.. and I just hope everyone is doing great!!!

08-20-07 - It's not Francisco anymore.... as of October 2006 I am now "Ducker".. Life is great, I am a first grade teacher with Sapulpa Public Schools. My husband Chris and I live in Sapulpa. We are currently building a house that will be done around Thanksgiving. I am soo excited!!! I hope everyone is doing well!! God Bless!!

Last updated: 08/07

Freeman, Jamie


Hey guys! I am currently a senior at oklahoma State studying Industrial Engineering and Management and a minor in Mathematics. I am marrying the love of my life on July 15, 2006!! I am absolutely thrilled :) Life is wonderful and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Gray! I hope everything is going well for you all! I miss you!

Last updated: 12/05

Gann, Dustin
Tenor Drums

What's up... back in Tulsa...YAY! I'm testing for Tulsa fire in August. All I have been doing is Working at UPS, Olive Garden in Utica Square, And going to school 3 days/week. It keeps me busy so I stay out of trouble. By the way.. I'm not married, but I did go to Az. The marriage thing was a joke! haha. sorry!


Last updated: 05/06

Hendrix, Kelsey


Hi friends! It's been awhile and many things have changed for me over the years! After taking a year off from school and transfering to OSU I am now a third year sophomore in College...I think. It is really annoying, considering all my friends are graduating, but I will live. I'm still an English major and really enjoy it! My favorite class, though, would have to be my foreign language- Arabic! Drop me a line if you're ever in stilly!

Last updated: 02/06

Hullum, Katigan

I graduated in May of 2007 from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors in Photo Journalism and a minor in Psychology. I am still living in Edmond working as an office manager. Hope to see everyone soon.


Last updated: 07/08

Iarrusso, Nichole

For the past three years i've been at OU working towards a zoology degree with the hopes of entering pharmacy school in the near future. i continued marching in college with the pride of oklahoma; however, i changed the section i was in. i've marched flute, gaurd and baritone since i've been here. this was mostly due to my involvement in the drum corps world. the past few summers i've been marching with the colts from dubuque, ia. if you get the chance to go to a show, you should say hi, i will be on tour again this summer. i see that some people are planning the whole wedding thing, congratulations! good luck to everyone

Last updated: 05/05

Kemp, Laura
Colorguard/Winter Guard

I know I just updated this- but things are changing. I am about to start my final year at OSU in Stillwater. I plan to graduate in May 2006 with a degree in Psychology and an emphasis in business. I have been working at McAlister's Deli in Stillwater for over a year now and am looking into management positions. Chris Aaron finally proposed on April 1st and we hope to set the wedding for the beginning of June 2006. He is still in Tulsa at NSU-BA for his degree in Criminal Justice. My sister, Julie, is moving in with me here in Stillwater this August and planning to pursue a Pre-Vet degree. I'm very excited for the next 14 months and hope to hear from many of you soon! Have a wonderful summer and God bless!

Last updated: 04/05

Klarfeld, Jason


My mom has been nagging me to do this forever so here it is. I'm still at the University of Miami in Florida, busy getting a B.M. in Music Business and Sun Bathing. I play on the beach volleyball team on the weekends. During winter break this year I went to Los Angeles and New York City to interview for internships. Luckly enough, I landed one a Sony/Epic Records in Los Angeles in the film/soundtrack divison. I'm not really home very much anymore, but being away makes you appreciate things about Tulsa. Anyways, I hope everyone is following their dreams and livin it up. If you are ever in Miami during the school year or Los Angeles this summer, send me an email. P.S. - I hope you all enjoyed my dad in Sports Illustrated this year in that hoax loss to Tennessee (we lost on purpose).

Last updated: 04/04

Mapes-Gibbs, Brandi
Drum Major

Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've revisited high school, but a couple of you have pushed me to write this so here it goes: I am now officially Brandi Gibbs! I met Jesse my the first day of my freshman year at CUI, we became best friends, and we started dating 7 months later. Jesse and I got married in Tulsa this past June - it was great to see all of you who came! We are having so much fun being married. We live in Costa Mesa, CA - one mile inland from the ocean - It's beautiful! I took surfing up three years ago yet the waves still have their way with me sometimes, but it's a blast and there's nothing like riding my board. When we're not at beach, I'm finishing up my degree in Christian Education Leadership at Concordia University and will be getting my M.Ed next year. That's all for now. Take care!

Last updated: 11/05

Martin, Leigh
Oboe, Alto Sax
Current Location: Oklahoma City

I currently live in the Oklahoma City area and work as an urban forester (tree resource manager for a city). After moving to Austin for a few years, it feels great to be back in the homeland. 

Last updated: 06/10


 Massey, Drew
Tenor Sax

This summer I received a job teaching vocal music at a local theater arts camp for kids. It ended on Friday the 9th. What an experience getting to teach kids music!! All in all it was a great summer. I begin TCC on the 19th, taking basic classes and still have plans to move to Oklahoma City University in the Fall of 2003 to study Music Education and Buisness. I still am spinning my gun in my spare time and have already begun to look for plane tickets to fly to Concord, CA in December to try out for the Blue Devils colorguard... Go BD! Hope to find myself on national TV next summer. I miss marching already, though I don't miss having to get up at 6:00am or those summer practices. I wish the band the best of luck in the upcoming year as so many changes have taken place, "Tribute and Suffrage" recalls show titles like "Olympica" I hope this years results equal those of previous succeses. Hello to all who I left behind... e-mail me sometime!

Last updated: 08/02

McGechie, Chandra
Drum Major and Flute

Hey guys!! I am now a senior at the University of Tulsa. I will graduate in May with a BSBA in Finance and a minor in Economics. I am still a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and absolutely love it! I am also in Beta Alpha Psi Honors Fraternity, Friends of Finance, and Student Finance Association. Life has been great, but recently got even better. I got engaged back in August and the wedding is set for July 7, 2007. Good luck this season, RR!

Last updated: 11/05

Olivera, Micheal
Tenor Sax

Well after high school I joined the Marine Corps and I am in Afghanistan right now but i have been to many countries these last 3 years Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Guam, Australia, and Singapore. Also in acouple of months I will be in Iraq for my last deployment and i will be getting out in May of 07 and then i will be starting my college at OU (GO SOONERS)

Last updated: 01/06

Patton, Sarah

I am a senior at Mary Baldwin College (yep, still at the womens college and loving it!) in Staunton,VA. Majoring in Sociology/Social Work, minor in Women's Studies. I have an apartment with one of my friends and we have a dog and a cat! I am applying to go to India for a few years once I graduate. I am also getting ready to go back to Europe with some friends for a needed vacation. Doing my best to stay out of Oklahoma except for the occasional visits with the family! Got a super fun purple peace sign tattoo over the summer, and spent the rest of the time running and teaching at an art camp with my best friend. Just having fun and loving life!! One Love

Last updated: 01/06

Phillips, Tyler

Living and working in Oklahoma City.

-Tyler Phillips

Last updated: 07/16

Pinkerton, Craig

I am still at OU trying to graduate this summer with a degree in psychology. I'm hoping to go to grad school at either Arkansas or Chicago to get my PHD in clinical psychology. Life is good here in Norman. I still work at Outback here but trust me when I say I can't wait to get a real job. Anyway, I do have a new puppy named Bently who is a choclate lab. He keeps me busy when I'm not in class with picking up after his path of destruction. If you are ever in Norman, look me up.

Last updated: 01/06

Samuelson, Bri
Current location:
La Quinta, CA

So I got in my car the other day and starting humming to myself, "Union high stands proud forever...." and thought wow I can remember every word to that melody interesting...then I went home, looked at the WGI website to see how the championships in San Diego were going-and decided that it would have been well worth it to buy the ticket, sit alone in the stands, and cheer like hell for James Logan. In my next life, I will be born asian and in California-just so I could march drum corps and winterguard with the best there are. Until then, all is well at OSU... I'm an English major (sophmore) and will be certified in secondary education so I may teach high school for awhile, or go straight into a graduate program somwhere far away. My goal is to eventually become a professor of English/Literature/ Writing at a university, and hopefully publish something fabulous along the way... plenty of experience to draw from in this activity (you know it sister)! This summer I'll be working and possibly living in Alabama with my parents who moved to Birmingham just over a year ago... yes its been rough living here all alone, but my girlfriends are my family and colorguard is the eternal binding tie-we stick together. Otherwise I hope everyone is well- I'd love to hear from you.
"Nothing dies that is remembered" always, Bri


Last updated: 04/04

Sebastian, Angela

Hey guys! I spent my first year at the University of Tulsa where I was on the rowing team and I had a great time, but decided TU isn't for me. I want to move farther from home and go to a larger school. At this time I still haven't decided if I'm going to OU or a Texas school, but I will be deciding in the next few weeks. I'm interested in hearing what people have been up to, so e-mail me sometime! Good luck in the future to everyone!

Last updated: 06/03

Solensky, Dana

Well, where to start? Summer was summer just like any other. In August I moved in here at the University of Oklahoma. Dorm life isn't the best. Its already given me bronchitis, but it is fun. The girls on my floor are incredible. Sometimes I think we have too much fun. I love going to the football games too. GO SOONERS! I am probably going to end up majoring in physical therapy. Lord knows I know how to heal injuries. Anyone on rifle line will agree. If you are wondering if I miss it, the answer is as follows. I'm getting fat without it! So in a way, yes. I still come around every now and then, and I know what you are thinking, "GRADUATE!" but I still have family marching so you all can hush! I'm so proud of all my girls. Keep up the good work this season, you're studs! If any of you ladies want to come down for a weekend and a "real" college visit, give me a shout! 918-691-8175! Love you all!

Last updated: 01/08

Stephens, Dominick
Trombone, Marching Band, Wind Symphony, Jazz

Hey whas up everyone? I'm currently and have been attending the University of Central Oklahoma. I'm a Music Ed major. I'm finishing up my third year. I'm ready to graduate. I have Senioritis and i'm only a junior right now if that tells you anything. I'm still doing the "rave" thing and djing everynow and then, and i also run into some of you everynow and then... If any of you are in the Edmond area and wanna say hi or if you don't want anything to do with me drop me a line...

Last updated: 04/05

Thompson, Natalie
Flute & Piano

Oh wow, so much has changed since I last filled out this thingie! Things change a lot though, I like change :) I switched my major (again) from Bio/Pre-Med to just straight Biology so I can go to PA (physician's assistant) school. I am now rowing anymore, that took WAYYY more work than I was ever interested in! I started figure skating about a year ago, and I'm currently working on Freeskate 2 level stuff (there's Adult levels then Freeskate then all the official USFSA hardcore crazy stuff) so I've just been working on my back spin and a couple of jumps. I love it! I also do tap, ballet, and sometimes jazz and hip hop at a studio near campus. I love to stay busy :) Speaking of, TU is fabulous! Well, the people are mostly snotty, but there's a few cool ones :) And I LOVE the faculty, most of my profs are awesome! I work at American Eagle at Utica, the new one they just put in! Allright, well take care ya'll :)

Last updated: 12/04

Walden, Kathy


Hey everyone! Man I don't know where to begin. I'm bored at work so I decided to update my profile. This fall was my first time out of school and I love it! School is just not my thing. I work three jobs instead! I work in Accounts Payable at Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc. headquaters (the tall buildings off the BA), Peppers in Utica Square and Philbrook. If anyone is ever close by you should stop and say HI! Im still doing what I want when I want like I always have :-)

Congrats to all the engagements!!!

Last updated: 01/06

Walker, Carrie
Alto Sax

Well, life has been good. I am at OSU right now getting a degree in elementary education. I will graduate in December 2005 (a year from now! Yea!) I will be in town for the break and I would love to hear from anyone. My number is 694-1590. I might be moving back to Tulsa in the summer to student teach in the fall. There's not much else. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

Last updated: 12/04

Wilson, Jara 

I am the colorguard director at (none other than) Union High School. I became the director in February 2006 and since then have been working hard to bring back THE "Union guard" for the world to see. I truly love working with the girls and having a chance to continue the Union legacy.

Feel free to drop by a rehearsal or two to see me and the Union guard! Congratulations on all the weddings and engagements! :)

Last updated: 09/08

Wright, Jeremy
Alto Sax

I'm at OSU in okmulgee right now studying culinary arts the classes are fun i get to play with knifes and carve ice sculptures with a chainsaw. keep in touch

Last updated: 10/02


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