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Ahmed, Abdul (Rehman)
Tenor Sax

Hi everyone! Well, I spent my freshmen year at TCC which flew by. I've been working at a bank for almost a year now. I went to Great Britain and Ireland in May which was amazing!! I'm now majoring in secondary education (social studies) at Oklahoma State.

Last Updated 7-06-06

Aulerich, Deborah


I'm currently pursuing a degree in music education from the University of Arkansas. Keep maintaining Union's tradition of musical and academic excellence. *Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard*

Last updated: 07/08

Beineman, Kathryn

Current location: Fayetteville, AR

Last updated: 04/09

Blosch, Sarah

Tenor Sax

Hey everyone! I'm at OU, and I'm a pre-pharmacy major (right now...I just recently changed it to that...) This past fall I was in the Pride of Oklahoma, and it was a blast, I know that a lot of you are probably "banded" out, from all of the stories I've heard, but band was such an awesome way to meet people in college...and I got to go to San Diego for free!! Anyway, I hope that the rest of your year goes well. E-mail me sometime and let me know what's going on. I have a xanga, a myspace, and for you seniors getting facebooks...I have one of those too (they are a really good way of avoiding homework)...anyway...have a great day, and I have to say it of course...BOOMER SOONER!!!

Last updated: 02/06

Daroga, Shera

So I'm a freshman at Westminster College in the small small town of Fulton, Missouri. It's a very tiny liberal arts school, but I love it! I'm not really sure what I'm going to be majoring in...maybe law???

This school is so small we don't even have a marching band. Kind of sad, but then again, the football team is so small, and not all that great, so it would be kind of pointless. But I still love going to the games to support them.

I wish you guys the best of luck with band this semester!! I'm sure you'll do very well!!  And I hope I get to see this new show of yours...

Last updated: 10/05

Eckhart, Andrew


College has been going good and all that but anyway,hope everything is going good for you down there in tulsa, i heard about the director problems and all that well hope everything is going good for you guys

Last updated: 01/06

Hardy, Cody

Alto Sax

Nothing much. Just trying to figure out my plans for the future.....

Last updated: 11/05

Price, Dan


Hey everyone:

I'm still here in Tulsa. I'm attending Tulsa Technology Center (in Jenks) working on my Airframe and Powerplants License, plus taking a math class @ TCC. I hope to have my A&P Licens in one year.

I've been work on my '38 Chevy truck all summer and finally got it running.

Write me if ya want.

Go Trumpets!

Last updated: 11/05

Ramos, Carmen


I'm at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. It's really different here with the small town country feel, I'm getting used to it but Tulsa will always be home to me. I'm Education Major, I think I'm going to do Elementary, maybe music. Right now classes are really simple, I'm king 14 hours and an online course Monday Wednesday and Fridays. I'm not doing band, but I've still been keeping lenty busy working two jobs, and pledging for Kappa Phi of the Alpha Eta Chapter. All the girls are so amazing, and we have tons of fun. I haven't found a church up here yet, but I'm still looking. My Mom bought me a new car, a white probe, I love it do death but gas prices are crazy that I haven't been back but a few times since school started. But I will for sure be back for State. I'm still with Chad, we've been together a year in January.. he drives me crazy, but I love him.

Everything is going pretty great! I love school.

Call me, 9188142750.

Last updated: 10/05

Smith, Adrienne


Okay, so there's been a little misunderstanding. Me and Megan aren't really together. It's just a joke. But for those that understand, me and Megan are still engaged. In real life, however, there is a boy. No details. Things have been going pretty good up here at OU. First semester flew by. Fairly good grades--As and Bs. And now I'm just enjoying the second half of the year. I think I've finally decided on either a Finance or Accounting major, but who knows--it might change again next week. That's about it. Life is good.

Last updated: 02/06

Smith, Kyle

Hello RR!

  I am currently in my final semester of classes at Oklahoma State University as a Music Education major.  I have participated in the University Symphonic Band, served as both a section leader and the 2008 drum major for the Cowboy Marching Band, and performed with the internationally recognized University Wind Ensemble here at Oklahoma State as a section clarinet, bass clarinet, and contra-alto clarinet player.  In addition to four years of ensemble and solo performances at Oklahoma State, I participated as a hornline member playing baritone with the 2008 Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps based out of Denver, Colorado.  I also received the most improved member of the entire brass line at the Blue Knights 2008 banquet in November of 2008. 

  For the future, I will be finishing standard classes during the spring of 2009 and begin my student teaching in the fall at Bixby High School in Bixby, Oklahoma with their marching and concert bands.  During the spring of 2010, I will be performing with additional ensembles at Oklahoma State, including the orchestra, choirs, chamber ensembles, and secondary instruments in the jazz band and concert band.  I hope to acquire a job as a band or assistant band director with a band program in Oklahoma or the surrounding states. 

  Good luck in the future Renegade Regiment.  I wish you all the best with your endeavors with marching band and concert band, and remember that to win OBA and get 1s at OSSAA isn’t the goal.  It is about the music.  Strive to better yourselves and what you do as music makers.  One-up yourself in the process and if the judges like it, good for them.  I look forward to seeing you all become wonderful musicians in the future and can’t wait to see you all achieve such a goal!  Good luck RR!

Last Updated: 04/09

Spikes, Matt

Alto sax

I just finished my first semester at OU. It has been amazing here. I've Met lots of cool people too. I am currently going pre-physical therapy, with my offical major being psychology. However I'm wanting to change it to Health and Exercise Science or Health and Nutrition. It was nice to see everybody at the band competitions this year. And I thought it was very cool that the championship game was here too.

Boomer Sooner!

Last updated: 01/06

Sturm, Samantha


Hello, Everyone! I've finished my 3rd year at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville (Go Razorbacks!) I will be graduating in May of 2009 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Human Resource Management. I plan on moving to either Chicago, IL or Washington D.C. to be a Sports & Entertainment Marketer. My parents still live in Broken Arrow and have become ROTC Parents since my brother, who is a Junior, is a very active member of the UHS ROTC. Needless to say, they still attend all the football games. I make it home to Tulsa/Broken Arrow as my schedule permits and I try to attend at least one home game a year. I hope everyone is doing well and wish everyone the best.

Last updated: 07/08

Ward, James (David)

Hey guys! So, let's see...I'm currently at OU majoring in Zoology and planning to go on to Med School after that. I'm playing on the school's ultimate frisbee team, The Apes of Wrath, and having a blast! That's about it for now, most of you know what's going on anyways because I see you guys when I'm home. See ya! 

Last updated: 11/05



Hey guys! Well time has certainly flown by. I am graduating from the University of Arkansas on May 9, 2009 with my BSE in Kinesiology. I will then be moving back to Tulsa to attend the OU Schusterman Center for Physical Therapy school, which I will complete in 2012.

I enjoyed 3 awesome years of the Razorback Marching Band here in Fayetteville, next fall will be my first fall in 7 years with no will be very strange.

Good luck to the RR next season, I'll be around to watch you guys!

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