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Havlik, Laura

I am currently working at starbucks getting ready to work on my music education major at Michigan State Univeristy. I'm enjoying the time i have left here for the summer with friends. It's kinda strange being the Alumni, not the student but I think I'll get used to it. Goodluck to all you new members and have fun!

2007 - I'm currently a sophmore at Michigan State University still going towards a music education degree. I'm in for a very tough year. on top of my percussion lessons and studio class ive started taking drumset from the set studio. So instead of having 9 classes this semester, i now how eleven. sleeping is a luxury. I'm still in the dorms but this year there are a few more cockroaches. we have a lifetime supply of RAID now. Thats about it! hope everyone is haveing a great year!

Last updated: 10/07

Matson, Robert

Tenor Sax, Oboe, Bassoon

I am about to start my Sophomore year at Oklahoma State University where I'm majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Not surprising i didn't continue with band past High School but still play the oboe on rare occasions, and i am trying to learn guitar. Most of my life now consists of my fraternity Phi Kappa Tau which keeps me extremely busy. I hope everyone is still enjoying the Renegade Regiment, it is so shocking how different it is even in the last year but i guess thats what staff changes give you.

Good luck in the next year's show, please destroy B.A. they need to go down. 

Last Updated:  07/07

Sakmary, Matt
Percussion / Drumline

Hey everyone,
I'm just about done with my first semester at NSU working on my Bachelors Degree in IS. Finished at TCC with an Associates in Applied Science focusing on Web Design. Been very impressed with the Drumline/ Rufus Posse this year. Keep up the good work guys.

Last Updated:  04/09


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