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Ames-Allen, Karen

Where to start? I guess with my family. I am the mother of 3 wonderful boys, Christopher 12 (step-son), Nicholas 9 and Nathan 3. My husband and I were married in Broken Arrow and now live in Carrollton, TX. (I never thought I would move to Texas) My husband graduated from Eufaula, OK and was also a part of their marching, concert and jazz bands.

I am currently a tech for the web site. The company is a third party manager for pharmaceutical benefits. I have been with them for 2 years.

My oldest son Chris is in his second year of band and he has chosen to play the trombone. We have attended a few local high school football games and recently the UIL 24 Regional in Carrollton just down the street from our home. He really enjoys band and has a wonderful ear for it. I hope that he sticks with it because I would like him to enjoy some of the same experiences that I had with the RR. My middle son is talking about playing an instrument when he reaches 6th grade but that is 2 years away so we will just wait and see.

My parents now live in Broken Arrow, mt brother has moved to Oregon and my sister has followed me to Texas. I enjoy having family near and far. : )

As my boys get older and are starting to get more and more involved in band it brings back wonderful and very fond memories of my years with the Renegade Regiment. I would love to hear from any of you that would like to chat or just lend and ear if you need one. I hope that everyone out there is healthy and is enjoying life to its fullest. Remember to tell the people in your life how important they are to you and never take a day that you are given for granted because life is way to short. Take care and God bless.

PS· I have a favor to ask of my former class mates. I am looking for a video and or audio of the 1989 and or 1990 marching seasons. I had copies from Nationals but lost them in a fire and I would really love to have it again to show my boys. If anyone out there has these years and is willing to make copies for me I will be more than happy to pay what ever you deem reasonable. If you can help me you can reach me by e-mail at

Last updated: 10/04

Custer-Bates, Michelle
Percussion, Colorguard, Winterguard, 4 Musketeers

I have spent all morning looking through WGI videos and remembering the good old days. It's great to see Alan
back at Union. I cna't believe it's been 16 years since I graduated. It still seems like only yesterday. I guess because my memories of Union and being a part of the Renegade Regiment and the Union Guard are still a vivid part of my memory. Guess I can't let it go. eh? life has had it's ups and downs over the last 16 years, but here is the quick snapshot. I met my
husband in 1991, married in 1992, moved to Germany in 1993, had my son Vincent in 1994, moved back to the states in 1996, divorced shortly after, and have been a single mom ever since. Have been close to marriage a couple times since but can't seem to find the right man. :)

My son Vincent is my life and he is the best kid a parent could ask for. He will be 13 in Sept (2007) and just started 7th grade. I can't believe I have a teenager! UGH! He plays competive soccer and plans to join track and golf this year so that has become my social life.

I have been in school myself for several years, going full time the past several years. I just completed my Dual Associates in May of 2007 with my degree in Child Development and one in Paralegal Studies. I took my Paralegal Certification exam in July and hope to have the results soon. Man, that was a hard exam. I am now attending OSU-Tulsa to complete my Human Development - Child and Family Services degree with a Pre Law empahsis. If I can survive another 2 years of full time school, Law school is next on the agenda. I would like to go into Child Law and work on legislation for tougher penalties against those who commit crimes against children.

I have been working at Worldcom/MCI, now Verizon Business, since 1998 and hate every minute of it. Well, that's not entirely true, but it's certainly not my passion.

I am hoping to become more involved with the guard world this year. I have never stopped missing the guard life and would love for it to be apart of my life again, in some form or another. Alan...Jara...need any help? :)

I don't have much contact with anyone after all these years, but would love to hear from any of you. Tamara and I are still close friends and she lives less than a mile from me. We are both so busy with our children's lives along with our own that we don't see each other much these days, but still talk all the time.

I am thinking about going to WGI this coming April 2008 - if I can get the time away and the money to do it. Anyone want to come with? We could have a mini guard reunion and all travel to Dayton. I never did get to WGI...why was that again??? Hope everyone enjoyed the prom. j/k :)

Email me!

Last updated: 08/07 

Dillon-Gamble, Layne
Flute & Colorguard

Well, I graduated in 1991 and attended TCC for about one/half of a year before I decided I had already had enough school and decided to leave. I didn't do much until I married my husband in 1994. We lived in Tulsa until 1999 when we decided to move to his hometown of Spiro, Oklahoma. For those of you who don't know where that is, it is a little town about 15 miles from Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Although Spiro should be well known since Union's head football coach Bill Blankenship is from here.
So now we live in Spiro where we have three beautiful children: Colton-9, Paris-7, & Alexis-5. I was a stay at home mom until Alexis started pre-school, then I decided it was time for me to go back to school. I am now in my third year as an elementery education major at The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and hope to graduate in May of 2006, and no I am not a Razorback fan. Well, that's about all for me. I would love to hear from you guys, so anybody that is interested please send me an e-

Last updated: 09/04

Jones, Mark

Wow, this is cool site...I bet this is best band site in the Tulsa area (if you know what I mean) Well lets see...I graduated from OSU in 1996 and went to work at Williams. Jennifer and I were married in 1997, and we just recently had our first child. Noah is 11 months old. We're still in the Union district (of course). I now own my own software development / computer consulting business. Drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you!
I've got a website (not nearly as nice as this one) for posting pictures of our son...check it out!

Last updated: 10/03

Gilmore, Patric
French Horn & Mellophone

Here is an update with me. First I hope everyone is doing well and finding that life is good. I still live here in town after a few years in Texas. I started working for Quik Trip and am actually retiring in Oct. Ya really! Its been quite a long time since I've even thought about anyone from school, but here recently I got a chance to talk to a few. I'll more than likely be a stay at home dad of 5 so feel free to drop a line and say hi. Sorry I missed everybody at Barnetts bash, i almost cried when I found out about it the day after.. I'd love to see everyone again and just kick it! Gotta go, but we will be around. one of mine is in band now!!! Cant wait to be a room sponsor! HAHAHA

Last updated: 11/05

Mann, Tamara

Since graduating in 1991 I attended TCC for a few years and decided that was enough of school. I started working for an insurance agency and since then have become a licensed insurance agent for the State of Oklahoma and I currently head the marketing department for Small Business. I have been married since 1997 with two beautiful sons - Landon who is four and Noah who is 4 months. I am still the best of friends with Michelle Custer (now Bates). Those of you that remember us may be saying WOW but we have survived being friends now for 16 years.

My years with the Renegade Regiment and Wes Cartwright were treasured ones. Yes Wes always worked our tails off but winning that National Championship in 1990 for Colorguard made all the hard work well worth it. Of course now I couldn't imagine picking up a sabre, rifle or even a flag - I would probably kill myself! But anyway, all of you enjoy every moment of Renegade Regiment - it slips away so quickly.

Would love to hear from any of the alumni to see how you are doing - or even from any current band members to see how the year is going!!

Last updated: 10/02

McNamee-Sowers, Christie
Clarinet, Alto Sax, Colorguard

Dropped out of Band my Senior Year. Thought at the time it was a smart move but at that age I thought I knew it all. WRONG! Went to NEO on a band scholarship. Moved to Philly and never thought about band until my little sister asked me for help in her music class. Got married in 1994 to an Military man. Got divorced in 2001 & live in Houston. I have 4 wonderful kids Joshua-12 Zachari-9 Amy-7 & Braeden is 15 months. So I have my hands full with that. My mom still lives in Tulsa in the same house across from what we knew as the 8th & 9th grade center. Josh is now in 6th grade and has an interest playing the drums. He's quite good. I am looking into moving back to Tulsa, Union district of course. I try not to relive high school, but with my son being in middle school now, memories seem to just appear from when we were this age. Do you guys remember Mike Moore who taught us in 7th grade? The band teacher where Josh goes to reminds me of him. But it itsn't. I checked. LOL

Last updated: 02/05

Merkov, Angela

Went to TCC for what seemed forever! Got the associates degree and started working in accounting. Have been trying to finish at NSU Broken Arrow, but it seems life always gets in the way! :) Oh yeah, and about to become a homeowner so YEAH!!! Unfortunately have not kept in touch with enough people, but would love to hear from you! Drop me a line:

Last updated: 03/05

Otto, Matt
French Horn, Mellophone

I've stayed in the Tulsa area mostly. I spent a year at school in Arizona. Got married three years ago, and have two children. I drove trucks for about eight years, but now do termite control for a living.

Last updated: 03/05

Sisney-Grissen, Holly
Tenor Sax
Current Location: Broken Arrow

Hello! I was talking to my mom (Linda) yesterday about her 17 giant Band Books from the years that Kevin and I were in the RR, 1987-1994. If you ever want to look at them, we'd love to get them out and reminisce! She and I are excited because I'm newly remarried, and now have a 9th & 6th grader in Union bands. Call me a Band Parent, yay! - and she (active as ever) wants to be a Band Grandparent. My husband (college boyfriend) Troy and I also have a 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st grader. With our big blended family - and teaching 2nd grade - life is busy and wonderful. Say hi on facebook!

Last updated: 01/12

Towry-Chavez, Tina
Current location: Broken Arrow, OK

The years have past, but not much has changed since my 1st post. Still married to my best friend (13 years), we have a 12 year old daughter Anissa and a 7 year old son Kevin. Both in BA schools and 1/2 hate she didn't want to go into the band and 1/2 loved that she didn't go into the band (it would have been BA Pride). Funny no matter how old I am, still can't stand their stupid chant on/off the field! Have been w/St Francis for over 10 years and Supervisor of insurance collections for 7 years (I fight the insurance companies). Love my job, love my family, love my life. Am friends w/some of you on Facebook, but for those of you I'm not, drop me a line...would love to catch up!

Last updated: 08/12

Tuller-Parisi, Jennifer

I graduated from OSU with a degree in Math Education, and I actually taught math at UHS for a couple of years before deciding teaching was not my calling! I have 2 adorable kids, a 3 yr old daughter and 1 yr old son. I finally found a career I love in accounting (why did I ever change my major???) My daughter was eating gummy bears the other day, and it reminded me of sticking that gummy bear on my helmet before marching. I don't think I've eaten one of those things since I graduated h.s., boy they were yummy!

Last updated: 04/05

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