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Barker-Crocker, Lisa
Bass Drum, Snare, Symphonic Percussion

Time for an update! I'm still living with my husband in Northern Virginia, but in Feb. 2005, we added our first son, Timothy Lane to our family! Now 15 months old, Tim is a happy, healthy little guy who is already showing percussive potential...okay, he bangs on stuff with whatever is handy...but isn't thant what most percussionists do?! I love to hear from old friends, so drop me a line and let me know what you have been up to over the last 14 (!) years.

Last updated: 05/06

Carl-Stutz, Becki
Drum Major,Alto Sax,Bassoon,Tenor Sax

After spending my freshman year at Phillips University in Enid, I headed off to Lawrence to become a Jayhawk. After four years of studying music therapy I decided I needed a break from college, so I moved back to Oklahoma in 1996. Over the next four years I served in youth ministry positions first in Grove and then in Bartlesville.

In August of 2000 I married Mike Stutz just 10 months after being set up on a blind date by our mothers. (And yes, I know it is hard to believe that I finally decided on one man!) We are now living in Lawrence and I have returned to KU to finish my degree in Human Development and Family Life. While going to school, I am also working full time as the Director of Christian Education a local church.

I would love to hear from any of my RR friends!

Last updated: 06/02

Christiansen, Joey
Tuba, Bass Trombone

Ok, so since last update, I got divorced. Then remarried to Candy Coonfield, and we happily together with our blended family. I'm now in the health care field. And my daughter is now a member of the Regiment in her 2nd year, trumpet (at least it's still brass). My step daughter goes to Cascia and is on the basketball team. Guess that's it for now.

Last updated: 9/16

Dalton, Chris
Trombone Brief tryout for color guard unsuccessful

Shortly after inventing post-it notes in 1993.... No wait you guys won't fall for that.

I live in Jenks, America with my wife of 5 years, Katie. We have a daughter born on Halloween 2003 -- her name is Grace. She is both fun and a handful (I'm talking about my daughter not my wife you sickos). Now, I am a family practice physician in Jenks, America with St. Francis. Katie is completing her final year of residency in Pediatrics here in Tulsa. I'd love to hear more from all you band folk so drop me an email sometime.

Last updated: 03/05

Davenport-Schneider, Trier
Clarinet, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble

As much as I desperately wanted to leave Oklahoma, I ended up attending TU for three long years. After joining a sorority, which shocks me more than you, I decided TU was just too much for me, so I transferred to OBU in Shawnee. In December of 1996 I graduated from OBU with a B.S. in Elementary Education, moved to California, and started my first teaching position - 4th grade.

Over the following 7 years, I have married, had two amazing critters - Gideon (11/24/99) and Gavin (05/07/02), and taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

For those of you that remember little Devin, he is married, and baby Garion is a sophomore in college. I never realize how old I am until I look back as to how old my brothers are. :)

Last updated: 02/04

Finley-McMahan, Nicole
Alto Sax & Bassoon

After HS, I graduated from TU in '96 with an Accounting degree. Married Marty McMahan in '97. We have a daughter, Sydney, 4 years old. I just finished a second degree from TU in graphic design. I am working at my church (Destiny Church in B.A.) as a designer and doing some freelance work, too. Send me an e-mail and say hi

Last updated: 02/03

Heath-Johnson, Sara
Colorguard, Winter Guard

What a great website!! It's fun to read about everyone and what's going on with them. It's also neat to know that I'm not the only one that has GREAT memories of band days. Those are days I will never forget!

After graduation I went to OSU and ended up with a Bachelors Degree in Management with Minors in Accounting and Finance. One summer during college a girlfriend and I went to Fort Knox for a Leadership Challenge Camp. It was six weeks of Basic Training for an Officer in the Army. Yes, I was in the Army for six weeks. I think it was the longest and hardest six weeks of my life. I learned a great deal there and was a key leader at our graudation. At the end we had the choice to stay in or not. My dad wouldn't let me. I thank him for that now. Because the next summer I went to work for Camp Summit. A camp for kids and adults with disabilities. That is also the summer I met my (now) husband. He was not a counselor, but I met him on one of our weekend breaks. He lived in Arlington and his parents lived here in Tulsa. We fell in love and got married almost 2 years later.

We now have a house in Frisco, Texas. It's the fastest growing city in Texas and the 2nd fastest in the United States. It is highly saught out for it's schools. I don't know about the band program yet. I will be checking into that though ;) We are currently building our second and final (so we think) home, also in Frisco. We have two boys, Taylor 4 and Heath 2. They keep us pretty busy. I stay at home with them, while Stewart is a District Director for Stein Mart. If you haven't shopped with them yet, you need to go! It's the best kept secret around. They carry designer clothing and gifts at discount prices. I also have a Mary Kay business that keeps me very busy. I'm involved with our church and community.

I would love to hear from anyone who finds this sight. It's always great to hear from old friends! I think about everyone now and then and just wonder "what ever happened to ...".

Last updated: 03/05 

Jewell, Brian
Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax

Where to begin? Well, I went to NSU - Tahlequah right after high schoool and majored in speech pathology/audiology. Decided the second semester my SR. year that I didn't like it so I took some time off with the full intent of going back. Well that never happened. I worked at TV Guide in Tulsa for a bit and then moved to Denver to work at Starz/Encore and stayed there for four years. After the "corporate restructure that did not include my position" I moved to Fort Worth to be near family. I am now a Senior Training Consultant with Countrywide Financial's Human Resources department and love it.

I am still single, but still looking. I have gone bald in my "old age" but it actually looks good on me.

This site and the social network site have opened up so many memories. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone. Do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Last updated: 10/07 

King, Tiffany

Graduated from OSU-Stillwater with an accounting degree, and am an auditor with Ernst & Young in Tulsa working on the Williams Corporate Audit. I am planning my October 22, 2005 wedding to Steve Carnahan.

Last updated: 01/05 

McDonnell-McManus, Angie
Percussion, Pit

Hi ! Yes, I am doubly irish now, but I just go by Angie McManus.

Let's see - I went to college off and on FOREVER - changed my major 3 times. I finally graduated with a Marketing degree from NSU-B.A. I have lived around Tulsa all this time. I still do artwork: photography, painting, beadwork, etc.

I met my man, David McManus on the job - he is 6 years older than me. We got married on the island of Kauai, Hawaii in 2001. We have been together now for 9 years, if I count dating years. We do not have any kids (yet), just 2 cats.

We live in Broken Arrow where we built our first home. It is just one mile from the new B.A. high school stadium - eek! (Don't worry, I'll never be one of those Moms with the "broken arrow" sticker on the back of my car.)

I am still in very close contact with Lisa Crocker(Barker), Nicole McMahan(Finley) and Becki Carl-Stutz. In fact, we all celebrated our 30th birthdays together last summer in DC! Nicole and I played soccer together for a few years - hopefully, starting again soon.

For anyone who remembers my older sister from band, Lisa McDonnell, ('88 flute / piccolo) she is married as Lisa Michaud now and lives in Norman, OK with her husband, Dean, and two kids, Melanie and Brandon.

I have some really fond memories of band. I learned a lot! But, I would NEVER want to do high school over again.

If anyone has a used marimba to sell, let me know! Angie

Last updated: 03/05 

Miller, Gary
Alto Sax, Bassoon
Current location: Houston, TX


Wow... great to see what is happening in so many people's lives! Just found this link. After graduating I went to ORU for a BA in Theology. Worked for ORU for a few years, then after a series of events moved to the Houston area where I am now married, about to have our first child, and the Associate Pastor at Living Branch Church ( My wife and I coordinate the Student Ministries and the Fine Arts Ministries. Would love to hear from other RR grads... drop a line!

Updated  11/2010

Nguyen, Hung
Alto Sax

WOW!! This site opened up a floodgate of memories. Speaking of memories, based on the picture posted on here, did Barnett join WeightWatchers since '92 or did he seemed much bigger with a megaphone glued to his mouth? "Tom!!!. what the hell are you doing???" Ahh. Good times.

As for myself, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Computer Science in 1997. I had a brief career as an Asian Male model but alas that ended prematurely. I have worked at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and BMW but it pales compared to the lesson I learned while as a member of Renegade Regiment. I am happily married but my wife refused to hear my "one time in band camp" stories.

I strive to be "Gummy Bear Perfect" every day in my life.

I would love to hear from my ol' RR friends. Honestly some of my happiest moments were due to RR. How can anyone forget West Virginia... Give Me Chills!!!

I would love to hear how everyone is doing.

Last updated: 03/04

Pierce-Dunbar, Liz
Colorguard, Pit

Update! After living in TX for 5 years, we've moved back to OKC. Had another girl in March -04. I graduated from OSU in 1996, with a degree in Sociology. No, I don't know what I'm going to do with it. It let me get out of school in 4 years! Married to a fellow Cowboy, and looking forward to sending our little cowgirls there someday. Have heard lots of my husband's "one time, at band camp" stories too. West Va.? IT WAS FREEZING!

Last updated: 12/04 

Stafford, Whitney
Flute, Piccolo, Oboe

Right after high school I moved to St. Louis, MO where I attended Webster University and graduated in 1997
with a B.A. in French. In 1999 I moved to Clermont- Ferrand, France, to "perfect" my French. I taught English
at the Université Blaise Pascal and was an assistant English teacher at Marie-Laurencin high school.

I now live in OKC and teach French at Brink Jr. High in the Moore school district where I was named "Teacher of the Year" 2004-2005 and runner-up "Teacher of the Year" in my district. In May of 2004 I recieved my M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from Oklahoma City.

This past Spring Break I led my first tour to France with students (God help us all) and will lead my 2nd tour
next year at the same time.

This summer I will teach English as a Second Language at the TASIS American school in London.

Last updated: 06/05

Staggs, Donnie
Tenor Sax

B.A. in Music, ORU. M.A. in Theology also ORU. Currently doing second Master's in English Lit. (NSU BA) while deciding on which avenue for Ph.D. Decided to be a writer. Still single and accepting "applications," but hardly desperate. It seems as if academia is my wife at times. Haha. Love to say more, but I hate chit-chat. Is that odd for someone who wants to make a living as a writer? Feel free to drop me a line even if I don't know you. Always good to make more contacts.

Last updated: 05/05

Wahouske-Lees, Julie
Flute, Drum Major

After high school, I went to the University of Tulsa, where I was a founding member of the womens rowing team. I moved to Oklahoma City to attend medical school, and I am currently a pediatrics resident at OU. In 1999, I married Jason Lees, who has been wonderful enough to tolerate all of the "and one time at band camp..." stories about the Renegade Regiment. We have settled into our house in OKC, and plan to live here for a while. I would love to hear from you!

Last updated: 08/01

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