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Bird, Matt
Bass Drum / Snare

Well, what is up. I have several kids now, but I don't know where they all are. I love going out with the ladies, but I think I have slowed down for now. I have been with the same lady now for 2 years. The only problem is I keep getting her confused with the others. I am a current part owner in the Ultimate Electronics corp.. I miss marching band very much. I have been thinking of buying up most of the top 12 drum corps in the U.S. Love to hear from everyone.

Last updated: 05/06

Brandes-Prater, Heather

After graduation, I dabbled a little in college, but never quite finished. Who knows, maybe someday??? I got married in 1997 with Julie, Lauren, and Cheryl right by my side. My husband is a great guy, and we have two kids. Audrey is 5 and started Kindergarten this year, and Nathan is 2, and keeps me busy!! I am a stay at home mom and love it. We occasionally go to a football game and it brings back alot of good memories. I wouldn't trade that time in my life for anything. I would love to hear from anyone and catch up.

Last updated: 11/04

Dalton, Amanda

After graduation, I headed to the University of Tulsa. I began as a music major, but suddenly realized the real money is in education. So I majored in elementary ed. I also minored in music for the fun of it. While at TU, Kim Williams and I joined a sorority and learned how to have a little fun! And whatever rumors you may have heard, it was all Kim's fault!
I began my teaching career in North Tulsa where I lasted four years. Even though it was hard, I left my best friend and roommate, Amy Rowin, and I then headed south to Dallas. I am currently teaching fourth grade in Richardson, Texas and love it!
The biggest news of all is that I am now planning my wedding to Shane Brown. We will be married July 17. We are planning to live in the Dallas area. I still chat often with Amy Rowin, Kim Dionisio, Shelley Nelson, Emily Gage, Jill Wahouske, and Trier Schneider.

Last updated: 02/04

Davis, Deric

Time speeds up as you get older... Turning 30 is no fun. Have my first divorce under my belt, and a wonderful 4 year old daughter named Emmaline. I am the IT Director for a medium sized PR Firm in Tulsa - now that leaving Tulsa seems like a great idea, there are too many things keeping me here. I still am in touch with Angela Vassar and Mike Bailey. Maybe I will update this after my next divorce.

Last updated: 04/05

Holder-McGough, Christina

Since graduating from OU in 1997, I married and adopted two adorable little boys, Kyle (now 5) and Alex (now 4). After being married for 8 1/2 years, Jim and I decided it was time to part ways. I am now back in Tulsa, working at MCI and working on receiving my Masters Degree in Counseling. After graduation in December of 2006, I plan to work with Foster Children in the Tulsa area at a local non-profit agency. I'd love to hear from you, please send me an email!

Last updated: 12/05

Hutson, Damon

Well, time for a new update. Lauren and I had a little girl on 4/23/05. Her name is Addison Layne. Geez, this whole Mommy and Daddy thing is exhausting! But, must admit, it is the best thing that ever happen to us. She is our little angel. Anyway, we are doing great. Still working for WilTel as a engineer. Lauren is still doing the Speech path thing. Life is good :) Check out our website for routine updates!

Last updated: 07/06

Johnson, Craig

I graduated from NSU with my criminal justice degree and was married in March. Feel free to e-mail.

Last updated: 06/05

Lamb, Alex

Well, 1993 attended SMSU with Ceth Barnet as my room mate. Spring of 1994 attended Tulsa Jr. College. Summer of 1994 marched with the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. Attended TJC the fall of 1994. Relizing I was doing nothing for myself or others I joined the United States Marine Corps. From San Diago to Okinawa, Japan and then to Albany, GA as a Seargent. Oh and was married and divorced 95-97. Met Jill who was also a marine. I married way above my class. Thank God she has not realized it, But I think my keeping her laughing she might never realize it. We have two children, Lauren 4 and Alexander 2. I got out of the Marine corps about five years ago and started working for a couple of Eateries as Store Manager, District Manager then Region Manager when I moved to Panama City, Florida. Now I'm about to move to Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania to finish my higher education. Best wishes to all. Please forgive any stupidity you may have witnessed in high school from myself. Please send me a line, I love to hear from all. What happened in the last 10 years? Other than Hanson is from Tulsa.

Last updated: 04/05

McAlister-Hurn, Lydia
Colorguard/Winter Guard

After graduation I moved to Texas with Brent Hurn (trumpet / class of '92) and went to UT for a couple years. We came back in 1995 and finished at OSU. My junior year I lived with Amanda Pierce (colorguard, class of '93). Brent and I got married in 1996. Finished up at OSU with the pointless Psychology degree and moved back to Tulsa. Now, Brent and I live in Owasso and both work for QT. I work at the corporate office in the Information Services department, and he manages one of the stores. We don't have kids, just two basset hounds.

I have fallen out of touch with everyone, but I did just find out from this website that I work with Kelly Klein (percussion, class of '95).

Would love to hear from anyone, hope to see a bunch of you guard guys/girls at the reunion next year!

Last updated: 09/04

McIntosh, Jason
Bass Drum, Snare, and Cow Bell on Afro

Update : In October of 2003 our daughter Brooke was born. I missed the high school reunion because she was born just before it. She is now almost a year old. She's the joy of my life for sure and being a Dad is a great experience.

I still work for Hertz as a Computer Programmer/Analyst. We are now in the process of rewriting our rental car application using Java (J2EE). The last two years have been really enjoyable at work because I've learned about a gillion (approximately) new technologies which keeps things fresh and fun.

I occasionally get an email from Ceth, but normally I just email him and he doesn't reply. I get updates on him from my mother-in-law who has to go to Tulsa Band from time-to- time. I still keep in real close contact with Justin Chinn. I even attended his wedding in NYC this past spring.

Oklahoma City is still a dump compared to Tulsa.

Update 08/06: Still in Oklahoma City. Still married to Heather. Brooke will be 3 years old this fall. She's awesome. Stillwork at Hertz writing Java code. Still don't have long hair.

Not much else is new... I wanted to add I have a blog that would probably be a better way to keep tabs on me than these every 3 year updates on this alumni page. Duncan and Jaime visit my blog regularly so I'd like to get more RR friends visiting. I've told Ceth 50 times but I'm pretty sure he just uses the internet to read about how bad the Cubs are in baseball. Anyway... I have all sorts of posts on the blog about how you can see pictures, get updates via email,etc.

Hope everyone is doing well . . .

Last updated: 07/07 

Morgan, Kendra
Colorguard/Winter Guard

Hey there everyone.... I moved back to the Broken Arrow area this past summer with my daughters. I'm loving life and loving parenthood. I heard that OBA is here in Tulsa this year...hope to see some of you there! Give me a shout sometime. I'd love to hear what's been going on with you and life!

Last updated: 10/04

Pate, Mike
Saxaphone and Drum Major

It has been a long, long time since I have seen or heard many of the names on this site. I was just emailed this link so I thought I'd write my part. Post high school I spent 5 years at the University of Oklahoma. I graduated in '98 and went to work for Edward Jones as a stock broker. After 4 years with them I was recruited to work as a commodities trader for Williams Energy. July of '03 I bought into a motorcycle, ATV, and Seadoo dealership which is in Fort Smith, AR. I will probably be planted here for quite a while. I am dating but not married and no kids. Pretty much the same as I have always been ;) Still enjoying life to it's fullest!

Last updated: 02/05

Perritt, Bobby

I am currently living in Houston, TX. I got transferred down here a few years ago with my job. I along with several others work for WilTel Communications. I have been with the company going on 5 years now. I have two boys, Bailey is 5 and started Kindergarten this year and Bryce is 4 and will start school next year. I am coaching my two boys in soccer, big surprise, and they are doing very well. I am singing and playing guitar in a Christian Rock band and we are getting our names out there and doing really well. We travel alot during the summer to go to different camps and things of that nature. We try to keep at least one or two weekends a month open during the other 9 months to perform as people ask. We should be getting into the recording studio to start on our first CD very soon. We are excited!! Also I am on the Montgomery County Sheriff Department's Dive Team. My job with them is not the most pleasant. I get the opportunity of diving in the lakes around here looking for people who have drowned, murder weapons (i.e. guns, knives, etc.) If a car goes off the bridge we go down and get the people out of the car and bring the car back up to the surface as well. This position doesn't bring any glory to it all, as we are a search and recovery team, not search and rescue. I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you!

Last updated: 10/04

Rowin-Barnett, Amy

After graduation, I spent my first year at TU. I then took a detour, and finally graduated from OSU with a degree in Elementary Education. I began teaching sixth grade in Jenks, where I have been teaching ever since. (Except for a minor, three-week move to Colorado, which proved to be a mistake.) I bought a condo in south Tulsa and am loving every minute of my teaching career.
I still keep in touch with Amanda Dalton (soon to be Brown), Kim Dionisio, Shelley Nelson, Emily Gage (soon to be Ford), and Jill Wahouske. By the way, I am also dating Ceth Barnett.

Update 08/06 - It's time for an update - Ceth and I got married in March (06)! We are enjoying married life in our new home in Broken Arrow. I am still teaching 6th grade at Jenks and Ceth is busy working at a local music store and playing gigs around town. I still enjoy keeping in touch with some of my best friends from high school.

Last updated: 08/06

Rhoads, Brent
Drum Kit, Snare & Tenors

Hey whats up? Loved seeing you guys at the reunion. Went into buisness with myself. Selling information to oil
companies. Would love to hear from some of you. Still drumming.

Last updated: 08/05

Wilcoxen-Mayfield, Kelly
Bass Clarinet

Not much to tell. I am married (for the second time) I now have four kids (his, mine and ours) and I am a claims adjuster for a local car rental company. Between work and the kids I don't have much time for anything else. Love to hear from you all please email me.

Last updated: 04/05 

Williams, Matt
Tenors & Snare

After graduating in '93 I attended OSU where I continued to drum and in '98 graduated with a degree in Restaurant Administration. After graduation I decided to take the plung and got hitched. Currently I am part owner of the Sonic in Sapulpa and recently bought a house in Owasso. No kids yet, but recently aquired a couple of chocolate labs that keep me pretty busy. I hope everyone is doing well & hope to see some of you at reunion.

Last updated: 09/02

Zardus-Bishop, Cheryl

I'm living in Broken Arrow and working in Sapulpa. Married, no kids. I'd love to hear from anyone, so e-mail me!!

July 2006 - I recently changed jobs. I'm now working for Genie Oil & Gas Corporation as an accountant/office manager. I'm really enjoying it, it's a big change from the metal industry! I live in Broken Arrow and I've been married for 11 years. No kids yet, hopefully someday...

Last updated: 08/07 - New email address

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