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Chang, Iris

Hello everyone! I've been in Dallas, TX since our Junior year. After high school I somehow managed to get a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and I have been putting that degree to use at an ad agency here in Dallas. Hope all is well with you. Please feel free to drop me a line or two--I love hearing from my old Tulsa chums.  

Last updated: 12/03

Dean, James

Hello everyone. After graduating HS I went to TCC and majored in Nursing. Went to NSU for a year and joined a fraternity. Came back to Tulsa to finish up my nursing degree, but have not succeded yet. And for all of you that know me you will never believe this, but I did actually get married in December of 2001. Unfortunately it did not last and we divorced a year and a half later. I am currently working for Storey Wrecker Service in Tulsa and have been for about 3 years now. I am trying to get on with the Tulsa Fire Deparment and hope to within the next year or so. The only person that I have really kept in touch with is Ben Malone a fellow baritone player. If anyone out there remembers me then drop me a line. I would like to get back in touch with anyone from the old days. Hope to see some old friends at our ten year reunion. And also would like to thank Mr. Barnett and Mr. Klarfeld for the 3 wonderful years in the marching program and the opportunity to be a part of the Renegade Regiment.

Last updated: 12/03

Dionisio-Williams, Kim
Trombone, Drum Major

I'm excited to say that my life has greatly changed since my last update! My husband and I welcomed our little boy, Charlie, into the world on January 31, 2004. Tony and I love being parents! I have also quit my job as a speech pathologist to stay home with Charlie. My life has never been so rewarding or so exhausting! We live in Tulsa still, at least until the Rocky Mountains call us to Colorado!

Last updated: 10/04

Edmundson, Patti Kay

Quick update, I've finally settled in Fort Worth, TX... If any of y'all are in the area, look me up. My email remains correct.

Last updated: 01/06

Gage-Ford, Emily

I am currently living in sunny St. Petersburg, FL with my husband Grant Ford, drumline section leader from the class of 1995. We were married earlier this year and are happy newlyweds. I'm an assistant manager at a healthcare staffing company in Tampa. I still keep in touch with several people from band and come back to Tulsa to visit family and friends.

Last updated: 10/04

Gunn, Stacy

I am still in Tulsa. I have just recently changed jobs. I am the Market Specialist for the National Association of Insurance Women. I am very active in several community organizations as well. I hope to see everyone at the reunion next June.

I would love to hear from everyone so please drop me a note.

Last updated: 11/03

Jones, Scott


Wow!!! Its Been 15 yrs since Highschool, Lets see, I have 3 kids ages 10,7, and 5. I am married to a wonderful woman named Crystal, Have been working the last 3 yrs with ATT as a Manager. Hope to hear from everyone soon. Drop me a line at 

Last Updated: 04/09

Kent-Nelson, Shelley
Colorguard, Clarinet, Drum Major

2007 - Hi friends! I’ve been married to Randy almost 9 years, and we have 3 wonderfully awesome children…Hailey, Brady, and Colby. We moved “back” to Jenks from Overland Park, KS. We had a major life change when Brady was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2 years ago….feel free to visit our boys’ website to learn exactly what SMA is and see what we’re doing. I would enjoy hearing from any band friends any time! Here is my son's website -

Last updated: 09/07

Krase-Cayton, Lori
French Horn/Mellophone

Latest additions in my life include a move to South Bend, Indiana where my husband, Owen, is the pastor at First Christian Church. Our son, Toviel, was born last Dec. He's so much fun!!! Still have the other "kids", Macie and Meagan and they have adjusted well to our new addition. We'll probably stay put here for a while - I hope to get admitted to the Peace Studies program at Notre Dame. In the meantime, I'll be doing work with a local refugee resettlement program and enjoying my time with Tovi. Since my whole family is still in Tulsa, I'm back every now and then. As always, if you're up this way, we love company.

Last updated: 07/03

Long, Scott

After graduating from Abilene Christian University in Texas ('98), I spent about a year and a half in Taiwan teaching English and playing at the beach. I then spent three years in Atlanta working with World Relief, a Christian non- profit international humanitarian org. which, among other things, resettles refugees in the U.S. I am just finishing my first semester of law school at the University of Tulsa. Hoping to see many of you at the reunion in June.

Last updated: 12/03

MacDonald, Duncan 
Drum Line Snare

Still in Sunny AZ playing golf and taking care of my 4 year old Daughter, Alayna. Her mom and her are everything to me. My wife and I love to travel and we have been to some pretty exotic places over the years. Hope all is well in OK. Have been seeing Union losing some of its luster over the past few years, and it made me wonder who was the brains behind the masterpieces; Obviously it wasn't Ol' L Dale. Got to believe Wes, Alan, and Klairfeld were the true Brains. Only wish Barnett would quit milking The Band for his personal travel service. Seems as if not much changes in his world!!!!! Anyway, enough ranting. Drop me a line if you want, would love to hear from anyone!!!!

Last updated: 10/04

Peacock-Doherty, Barbara
Mellophone and French horn

Hello to everyone. I cannot believe it has been 11 years! I moved to New York after graduation to go to school near my family. I graduated from Russell Sage College with a bachelors in nursing in 1998. After graduation I worked at Albany Medical Center for a year and then got married to Tom Doherty(we met in college). We have been living in Massachusetts now for six years where Tom is a product development engineer and I am a full time mom and a part time nurse at a local community hospital. My son James is five and Jenna is 18 months old.

We are now preparing to move back to New York this summer, where my husband will be teaching and pursuing a phd. Please drop me a note anytime. I would love to hear from you all!

Last updated: 05/05

Pulver-Long, Karen
Flute, Piccolo, Drum Major

I live in Rochester, NY with my husband David Long. After starting off in public accounting, I now do SEC reporting and financial accounting for a public company. David is an image-science engineer with Kodak and works in the motion picture industry. Our latest news is the addition of Morgan Rebekah to our family in October 2004. We're also working on building a house which is very exciting.

I'd love to hear from you! If I don't write back soon, try again because I'm locked in an endless battle with my spam filter!

Last updated: 04/05

Stephens, Jamie

I live in Missouri now. It gets really cold up here sometimes. But sometimes it doesn't.

Last updated: 12/01

Tackett, David
Front Ensemble, Percussion

I graduated from UCO in 1998 with a degree in Political Science. I then went to work on political campaigns in Colorado and New Hampshire. Alas, I got sick of traveling and came back to Tulsa where I worked in the Direct Mail Industry. I've ventured into the small business world. I now own a U.S. Cellular store in Muskogee. I still live in Broken Arrow. Oh yeah, I got married! Her name is Allison, and except for the fact she was in the colorguard at Broken Arrow, which I am quick to forgive, she is awesome!

Well, I hope to hear from everyone.. feel free to email me @

Last updated: 03/04 

Wimmer, Mark
Baritone, Trombone

Hard to believe it's been ten years since I graduated from high school! I'm looking forward to the upcoming reunion and seeing those of you I haven't seen in a while. I'll try to briefly fill all of you in on what I've been up to in the last ten years.

After graduation I went to the University of Tulsa, but fairly quickly realized that it wasn't the school for me. I decided I was a cowboy and applied to transfer to OSU. I finished one year at TU before going to OSU. After my first year at OSU I had the privilege of being a member of the 1996 Phantom Regiment drum & bugle corps. I've never worked harder or had more fun in my life as I did that summer. It was an amazing experience that was capped with a surprising run from fourth place in DCI quarterfinals to a tie with the Blue Devils for first place in finals two nights later. Going to OSU marching band rehearsal two days after finishing a summer of drum corps was quite a shock, but it helped pay the bills. :)

I went to OSU for four years and changed my major more times than I can remember, but finally graduated in May 1999 with a business degree in Management Information Systems. Right after graduation I moved to Austin, TX and went to work for Dell Computer Corp. I worked in the corporate IT department there and did many different jobs there that I won't bore you with. I worked there for 3- 1/2 years before they got rid of my department and I became just another casualty in the thousands of high tech job layoffs that have occurred in the past few years. After not having much luck finding a new job in the Austin job market I had the great idea to move back to Tulsa. I quickly found out there actually was a worse job market than Austin and it was Tulsa! I finally did land a new job last year with an orthopedic surgeon practice as their IS Director and really like it. It is quite different to be the only IT person compared with just being one of 2000 at Dell, but it's definitely more interesting.

I'm living in Tulsa and don't have a lady in my life other than my great dog, Sydney, that I've had for the last nine years. I would love to hear from anybody so feel free to email me.

Last updated: 04/04 


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