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Allen, J.R.
Percussion, Bassoon

Just happened to stumble across this while surfing, so here
goes... After graduation I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I got my BS in Electrical Engineering. Then I moved out to California for a year to work for Intel, but I hated it and decided to go back to grad school (at U of I again). Graduated with my MS in '03, since then have been living with my girlfriend (who I met in grad school) outside of Chicago, where I work for a defense contractor.

Last updated: 08/05

Bamford, Craig

Life has come full circle. After graduating, I left for Weatherford, OK (Southwestern Oklahoma State University) and spent what seems an eternity sitting in classrooms and working in labs to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. While striving for that mind numbing goal, I met and later married a wonderful woman via the University medium and our common interest of music. Now having survived the grueling ordeal that is the School of Pharmacy, I have now returned to my home, Tulsa. We have bought a house and are living happily not far from the High School. I've become employed as a Pharmacist for Walgreen's. Sadly, I haven't had the time to touch my trumpet in almost 4 years, but I did enjoy the few years in which I performed with SWOSU's top Jazz ensemble. I hope you all have been as successful as I have. Keep in touch.

Last updated: 09/03

Christian, Shawn

I've gone though quite a bit since my last update. I was married once before, but sometimes life takes a different path for you. Since then, I have divorced and since remarried. I currently live in Broken Arrow, with my wife Jamie and our 4 children, Joshua, Jonathon, Jordan, and Jonah. We are a wonderful blended family. My wife teaches at Oliver Middle School in BA, and I am a Central Training Store General Manager for Kum & Go. I have been with my company since May of 2005, and train all of south Tulsa's new associates at the location at 101st & Mingo in Tulsa, which has been my store since September of 2013. 3 of my teenagers are in band, and one of those started with Colorgaurd for the Pride of Broken Arrow this year. I know, I know, my kids go to BA, but my heart will always be a Redskin. Try being me going to a Union vs. BA game sitting on the BA side wanting to sing the Redskin fight song. It always feels awkward for me, but I love my kids. For my wife and I, we have always been a house divided since she went to OSU and I have an "OU" family.

I have three dogs, Choco, Oscar, and Gus, love The Walking Dead, enjoy riding my motorcycle, and living life to the fullest. It is something that I feel is important in life. After high school, I lost 2 of my best friends to motorcycle accidents, and in recent years I have lost all of my grandparents, my brother, and my dad. Life can be trying, but it still goes on, and it doesn't stop and wait for you. What makes you strong is what you do with it, and knowing that others count on you for your strength. As I have looked back over the last 20 years since high school, I see some still around, others have moved away, many others have lost touch. We all grow up and our lives take us in all different directions, until the day when and where our paths may cross again. Until then, thank you for taking the time to read, and I am thankful there is a place to share the updates and I hope it inspires new ones for all of you.

Last updated: 08/16

Cole, Andrew
Tuba, Trombone

Well I've said that I went back to school, and that's almost over. I'll soon be graduating with a Poli Sci Degree with a minor in Communication from NSU. I am taking the LSAT in September with hopes of going to OU law school, and will be working at the Capital in the mean time as a clerk for the one of our fine state representatives. Other than that Iâm just out there kickin it.

Last updated: 04/05 

DeShazer - Hicks , Jennifer

Well, I haven't picked up my trombone since I graduated. Maria Rillo told me about this website, so I thought I would bore you with my exciting life. I got my BA in Communications/Business from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I had a job right out of school in my field in Utah. After a year of putting up with my pig-headed boss I decided to move back here near my family. Not wanting to move away from the beautiful Wasatch front, I moved back and found the most handsome man. Brian and I got married August 6, 2003. Our first baby is due February 4 2005!! Take care guys.

Last updated: 08/04 

Drury-Lent, Kristie

Hi everybody. I stumbled across this site while trying to find info. out about our 10-year class reunion (which if anyone knows when it is, please email me!). Anyway, I was in band with alot of you until Marching Band started, then wasn't able to because of the wheelchair...just made it to hard. Anyway, after H.S. I went to TU and got a BA in Psychology. I am currently working on my Master's in Social Work. I moved to Alaska after college to be closer to my parents and thought I would hate it, but I love it! I met a wonderful man about almost three years ago and we got married in June of 2005. No kids yet, but we are thinking about it.

I work for the State of Alaska as a Health Program Manager for our Medicaid Program. Everything has gone pretty well for me except my health, but that is a different story and I am recovering well now. I sure miss everybody from back home. If you remember me, please email me and let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear from you.

Last updated: 02/06

Hail-Hile, Elizabeth
Flute, Colorguard

Wow, well I bounced back and forth between Spain (beautiful) and the Middle East (not so beautiful) for a few years in the Navy, but when I came back stateside a few years ago, I met a man and fell in love. I've since gotten out, moved to Florida to be with him, and have had the most beautiful boy ever. He's 15 months now, and into everything! We're active in our church and thank God every day for our blessings. I'd love to hear from Heather Eaton, if anyone knows what's up with her!

Last updated: 01/05

McNeill, Ryan
Current City: Dallas, TX 

Computer-assisted reporting editor at The Dallas Morning News.

 Last updated: 08/09

Shackelford, Eric

After Union, I did my four year college stint at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Seems everyone I knew was going to OU, and I thought I'd be different. I got a BA in Music and Religion. My senior year I met my current girlfriend, Sarah Blair. I moved to Chicago, worked at an internet music store (, played in a band, taught private lessons, and Sarah visited when she could. Then she graduated two years later, and we lived in San Jose, CA for three months while she had an internship at IBM, because when someone asks you "do you want to live in the most beautiful part of California for 3 months", you don't say, "no thanks". Now we're in Madison, WI, living in sin ;), I've got a cubicle day job, but outside of that I play in bands and take lessons for myself, and teach about 15 students a week.

Last update 08/06

Taylor, Barrett

Hi guys, here's a brief update. After being a US Army recruiter at good ol' Union for 2 yrs., I've now been promoted to Staff SG and am the Station Commander of the recruiting station in Miami, OK. Let's just say the change from an urban high school to a rural one has been dramatic. I'm living in Claremore and commuting every day to Miami so I'm still close enough to hang out in the big city. In my spare time I'm a bartender/bouncer in a club in Tulsa, I still enjoy music a lot and am known as the Karaoke King. Please let me hear from you!


Hey guys, a brief update. I am now married to Lori and we welcomed our little girl, Addison Ryan Taylor, on May 9, 2006. Addison weighed 5 lb 14 oz. and so far isn't big enough to hold the drumsticks, but give me time.  As you can see both my girls are beauties! I'm still recruiting for the Army, stationed right up the road in exciting Miami, OK. Hope to see you at the class reunion. Would love you hear from you!

Update 07/07 - Last fall, I transferred back to tanks and was promoted in Oct 06, I'm now a Sergeant First Class tank commander and in charge of a company now at Ft Hood TX. I'm the guy whose head you see in pictures sticking out of the top of the tank! Life is GOOD. Wife Lori and daughter Addison, who is the light of her daddy's eyes, are enjoying live here at "the Hood". Addy likes to play with my drumsticks so I'm doing something right. Currently, I'm very busy training---heading out to Ft Irwin CA for a month this summer, prior to deployment to Iraq in Sept. 07. Please keep in touch!

Last updated: 07/07

West, Bradley


Well after High School I bounced around for awhile. Started a Career as a Welder and did that for about 6 years. Then I decided to do what I had always wanted to do and that was join the military. So in 2001 I joined the National Guard and was deployed to Egypt for 6 months. I'm now on active duty and stationed in Germany. Things are going great. I'm look'n forward to our ten-year re-union. 

2007 - Well lets see.....I went to Iraq for 6 months got hit by an IED and sent home... Have a Purple Heart now. That's why I couldn't make the re-union. I'm still in the Army, have since moved from Germany to Colorado Springs (Fort Carson), but plan on going back to Germany next year. Well my daughter and son are both in band. This will be her first year marching Mellie, I'm so Proud. Next year my son will be marching Trumpet. I've been married now for alittle over 8 years. I've bought a house, have a 47 Ford Pick-up, and looking for a motorcycle now. Things are going pretty good for me. I wish all of you the best. Drop me a line.

P.S. When did BA become Good....BOA Grand Champions 2006 WOW!!!!

Last updated: 09/07

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