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Hodge, Edward
alto sax: concert and jazz band / mellophone: marching band
Current location:
Broken Arrow, OK 

I have been married since 1985 and have two children; a son who is a 2008 grad from BA HS who was a member of BA Pride's 2006 BOA Grand National Championship and now a freshman at TCC and a daughter in the 10th grade at SIHS in BA who enjoys drama and dance. I graduated from NSU in May 2002 with my Bachelors in Elementary Education and in 2006 with a Masters in Education, School Administration. I hold Principals certification K-12 in OK as well. I currently teach 5th Grade at Indian Springs Elementary in the Broken Arrow district. I sing in the adult worship choir at First Baptist Church in BA as well.

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Plank, Tony
Trombone - Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band

It is good to see a few names here from the old days. Sadly, I have pretty much lost touch with most of my High School friends. I was drawn here by news of Doug Hendersonâs recent passing. I remember him fondly and what a great service he paid to the Renegade Regiment in its earliest days.

After graduation from Union I attended the University of Tulsa where I played trombone in the Marching Band and Jazz ensemble and Euphonium in the Wind Ensemble. After graduation with a degree in Computer Science, in 1984 I was married to another Renegade Regiment alumni, Tracey Green (Trumpet, class of 1983). I also attended Law School at the University of Tulsa graduating with a JD is 1994, though I still continue as a computer professional.

Upon my wifeâs graduation from the University of Tulsa with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology we moved to Philadelphia for three years for her to pursue her life-long goal of engaging in Cancer Research. Due to the terminal illness of her Mother, we again relocated to Dallas where we continue to reside. We have a Son, Joshua, Age 6.

In order to vent my spleen and engage in my passion of writing, I currently maintain a blogsite called the Disenfranchised Curmudgeon ( ) that you are welcome to visit and engage in the vigorous discourse there on topic of politics, religion and the American condition. My work there is the closest I can come to the exhilaration I experienced on the field of dreams that we collectively shared.

So a warm hello to all of my friends with whom I have so thoughtlessly lost contact. My memories of High School would be but a sterile and miserable remembrance were it not for the fantastic times I shared with you all. The times spent under the direction of talented musicians such as Bill Stone, Ray Bell, Doug Henderson, and Dale Barnett (who was at that time my private instructor and not yet at Union) are among some of my best memories of my life.

I would also add that it is such a pleasure to know that those who have followed after us not only met the dreams of excellence we aspired to back then, but have gone on to far exceed those humble beginnings. Keep up the good work and may God Bless each of you richly!

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