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Broderick-Provost, Cindy

Went to Notre Dame, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, then Air Force Institute of Technology, M.S. Astronautical Engineering, M.S. Space Operations. Commissioned in the Air Force, assignments in Dayton, OH; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; Chantilly, VA; Honolulu, Hawaii.

Been doing intelligence, space operations, space acquisition, protocol, plans, and command and control. Deployed to Qatar for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Married (Lt Col) Rob Provost in Sep 93. No kids, two dogs. Been living in Hawaii for three years but this summer we move to Maryland, outside D.C. Will be a Lieutenant Colonel on 1 Jul 05.

I found this site while searching for Wes Cartwright's mailing address since our last two Christmas cards went to the wrong address. Sad to hear Dale Barnett retired but I had no idea he stayed for 22 years! That must have been some party.

This site brought back some really fond memories - three band directors in three years, three
styles, the genesis of the Union Winterguard, Wes and Alan. The Renegade Regiment Guard was the best thing in
high school. Period. Dot. Exclamation Point!

Last updated: 06/05

Farr, Darin
Tuba, Drum Major
Current Location: Tulsa, OK
Hello, Brief rundown:
went to OU grad 1989
Worked in Disney Productions 1989-2003
Mom sick
Came back/ took care of her till death
bought home
work at Oklahoma Aquarium as Sales Manager
Miss all of you!

Last updated: 04/09

Hailey-Taylor, Teri
French Horn Marching Band & Concert Band

 I played French Horn. I am now married to one of our classmates, Richard Taylor for 2 years now. Amazing how paths cross. I went to OU (in band for 3 years and went to the Orange Bowl all three years). I majored in Nursing. I am now an Education Instructor at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. I have been there for almost 7 years. Now, I am working on computers and am thinking about getting a masters. I found out about this from the Band Parent Presidents for 2004-2005, Debbie Hodson. I now work with her. Isn't it a small world? I would love to hear from any of you.

Last updated: 03/05

Humbyrd-Evraets, Gina
Clarinet / Drum Major

Edmond, OK

Working at Central Offices in Construction & Design. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl and I'm married to Don Evraets (Class of '83, trumpet).

Last updated: 04/09

Lee-Schlesinger, Nancy


Humbyrd-Evraets, Gina


Humbyrd-Evraets, Gina

Working at Central Offices in Construction & Design. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl and I'm married to Don Evraets (Class of '83, trumpet).


I spent 12 years in San Francisco, but moved back to Tulsa a few years ago. I'm widowed, no children and work for a financial printer.

Last updated: 07/05

Martin-Proctor, Rhonda
Flute & Piccolo

I graduated with my BS from The University of Tulsa (88) and MBA (91) from The University of Central Oklahoma. I left Tulsa in '91 and have been expanding my horizons since. I have lived in 4 states, 7 cities in the past 12 years and traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Now I am enjoying a brief hiatus from the choas of the business world and raising my 2 kids in our current location of Raleigh, NC.

Although I am a University Professor in business, I have continued to teach flute, piccolo and piano for fun. I haven't been back to visit Dale Barnett in a while, but my class was the first to break him in [so to speak]. What fun days and experiences. Apparently he's still doing great with the band and that makes me proud to be an alumni of the Regiment. The love of music and marching is still with me :)

01/08 - Recently moved to a new 'burb (Wake Forest, NC). We absolutely love the area. I'm still on a sabatical from the business world and enjoying the chaotic schedule my kids keeping me on these days. My husband is still pushing himself on the race track (motorcycle roadrace), so I wear many hats these days. I'd love to hear from you!

Last updated: 01/08

Nazim, Eric 
Mighty Sousaphone and Sax - sort of

I graduated from Oklahoma City University in 1988 with a B.A. in theater and then got my MLA while I worked at the University in the A/V dept and campus televison studio. I am currently in Fort Worth working for an independent production company. I have been married since 1988 and have no children just pets.

Last updated: 07/03

Watkins, Dan
Sop/Tenor Sax (Marching Band),Tenor/Alto Sax,(Concert Band), Tenor Sax (Jazz Band)


I am married with 6 children (4 girls and 2 boys). I work in the luxury automobile business.  I was Band President my Senior year and we were the first class to break in Dale Barnett. We used to hijack his van and drive to QT for snacks. On the wall in the band office is a picture of the 1984 band in Houston. I am the tall guy with the itty bitty sax with good posture...
I was a member of the ISP (insane saxophone players) and loved basketball games when Ray Bell was the Director (81-82).

 Last updated: 04/09


 Last updated: 04/09

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