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Members - c/o 1985

Boevers, Julie
Colorguard, Winterguard B Guard

Since high school i have attended classes to become a preschool teacher. I have been at my current job since Sept 1987. I love working with young children. I still live in the Tulsa area. still attend the football games to see the band and how far they have come.

What has happened with Alan and Wes? They were the best times of high school.

Last updated: 08/06

Fehrenbach, Greg

I have been in Tucson AZ since 1989, I am married and have two daughters, one is actually a chearleader in high school. I work for the Western Army Aviation Training Site, I keep AH-64 Apache helicopters up and flying there. Would love to here from anyone. PS : I made the Brownies!

Last updated: 10/02


Hayden-Anderson, Carol
Percussion, Drum Major
Current Location: Michigan

Married with children!

Last updated: 11/11

Hodge-Breske, Susan
Oboe, Flute and Bells

I got married in 2002 to a wonderful man. We are living in Yukon, Oklahoma, where for the first time in 20 years I am able to stay home and be a full time wife and mother! I have a daughter named Jessica who is 14 and plays in the Yukon band. She plays oboe and flute and also plays for the Oklahoma Youth Symphony.

Last updated: 02/05

Knapp-Dreyer, Jennifer

Still here in Tulsa, saw this page on the internet and brought back lots of memories. Can't believe Mr. B retired. Wondering what happened to Alan and Wes, they were the greatest!

Last updated: 05/06

Lovelace, James
Snare Drum in Marching Band, Percussion in Concert Band, Drummer in Jazz Band

Attended OU immediately after highschool and received 2 BBA's in Finance and Management. I continued to play in a couple of different bands from the end of college until I moved to Colorado, because worked seemed like too much of a hassle. Got tired of being broke, however. Been living in Colorado for the past 8 years working as an IT Manager for Nextel Communications. I recently married and now have one son, which was born on 04/30/04). I continue to play percussion somewhat, but nothing serious. I ate the brownies..

Last updated: 05/04

Meriable, Dusty

Living in Wisconsin

Last updated: 07/07

Northcutt, Shawn
french horn...but wanted to be a rifle (damn Wes and Allen)

Live in Dallas where I run my own photography studio. I work with the Dallas Mavericks Dancers and dance with Mavs ManiAACs.

Last updated: 04/04

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