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Akin, Mark 

After graduation, I attended Northeastern A&M for a year, then joined the Air Force. When I left the Air Force, I joined the workforce, where I am currently an Inside Sales Engineer for Carrier Air Conditioning in Tulsa. I am married with two kids, Brody(10) and Emercyn(7), who are currently in the Union school system. If anyone wants to catch up, let me know.

Last updated: 11/05

Baskin, Darryl
Trombone, Jazz Band, Winterguard "B" Guard

Besides selling houses for the past 13 years in Tulsa, I've landed a fanstastic wife (Teresa) and have three and a half children. The half is a Foster child we usually have :) Teresa and I enjoy being a temporary home for children in transition. (DHS always needs more Foster parents, hint.)

Recently, my real estate Team founded the Real Estate Technology Center at McGraw Davisson Stewart, Realtors and that has been my latest project.

Last updated: 02/03

Fertig-Morgan, Kaysha

I was only in the Renegade Regiment for one school year, from 1985 to 1986. I was also in band from 6th to 9th grade at Union. I have a lot of fond and funny memories. Those that aren't fond are certainly interesting! I graduated from Sarcoxie High School, Sarcoxie Missouri in 1988 and from Southwest Missouri State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I married Patrick Morgan in June 1994. I'm currently working as the senior investigative case manager for a private investigations firm specializing in workers'compensation fraud and we live in Fayetteville, AR with our dog and three cats.

Last updated: 11/01

Henderson-Skinner, Kathy 
Flute and Piccolo

I graduated in 92 from OU, married in 93 and lived in KS. I now am in Nashville, still married, and have three sons. I am a Children's Minister at our church and work at a hospital part-time so I can be with the boys during the day. I would love to hear from other 88 grads. I have lost touch with a lot of people but hope to catch up.I I have all of the slides from our senior banquet which would be great for our reunion!

Last updated: 04/05

Hurst-Reaves, Darla 1988
Alto Sax: Marching, Concert, Jazz - And B-Guard too!

I only went to Union Highschool during 1986-87. It was one of the best years of high school for me. I was heart broken when I found out that I had to move away to Alabama prior to my Senior year. I graduated in 1988 from Southside High School in Alabama. I went to Jacksonville State University on a music scholarship playing my sax. I have worked at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center as the Assistant to the Director. I still remember all of the great times at Union and all of my cherished friends. I have lost touch with most and hope to regain communication somehow. I am happily married (almost 6 years) and have horses, dogs, and cats. I still play my alto sax and the piano.

Last updated: 01/03

Morgan, James
Current location: Tulsa, OK

OK, this is an update. In 2005, my wife, Barbara, and I divorced. In August of 2005, I started working for Great Plains Coca Cola (GPCC) as a Merchandiser. In 2006, I met Julie Manes at one of my accounts. In June 2008 (06/07/08 to be exact) she and I were married. She has a daughter, Marykay, who I am intending on trying to adopt when the time is right. In August 2008, I transferred to the Snappy Department with GPCC. This is where I am a route driver, filling vending machines. I did have the Union route which takes care of every facility within the Union District. Iam now on a route that services the IC Bus Plant. That is the only stop on the route (tells you how much business it brings the company. Anyway, feel free to send me an email or look me up on facebook. Hope to hear from you soon.

Last updated: 01/10

Ulmer, Tina
Colorguard & Winter Guard 

Here is the latest for me. I am now living in a wonderful house in Lewisville Texas. That is 10 minutes directly north of the DFW airport. I still work at the airport with American Airlines. It is now going on 14 years! I am still unmarried and loving it. HA! I have a wonderful boyfriend though and a kitty cat named Emmy.

Last updated: 09/05



VanHoose, Shannah 

Current location: Tulsa, OK

I am looking forward to the 30th anniversary event! I will update more info soon!

Last updated: 09/12


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