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Anderson-Linde, Kerri
Colorguard, Winter Guard, forcibly played french horn :) 

I currently live in Tulsa, OK with my husband Ragon and the fiesty little people we share our house with, Oskar (5 1/2) and Dexter (2 1/2). Graduated from OU in 1992 with a BA in Professional Writing. I now work freelance and design jewelry while raising my boys. I taught colorguard of and on for 10 years after graducation including some fabulous years at Union 1995, 1996 and 2000. And Alan you were right, runthroughs at two minutes to the end of practice were nothing compared to the "real world."

Last updated: 05/04

Cain-Wroniewicz, Jennifer

I am currently living in Fairfax, Virginia with my husband, Dave and our son, Mark (11 months). I plan meetings & conventions for a large association. Some of you may remember my mother, Ann Cain, who taught US History at Union HS for many years. She is now living in Virginia Beach.

Last updated: 04/05

Cinocca, Joe
Jack-Of-All-Trades / Master-Of-Nothing (Alto Sax, Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, Tuba, Cowbell, Vibraslap) 

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) in 1997. Worked as a Marketing Representative for Interscope Records (1995-1997) and as a Talent Buyer for Cain's Ballroom / Little Wing-Diabolical Productions (1996-1998). Formed my own production company in 2000, called Omnizine productions. This is a music website devoted to coverage in AR-KS-MO-TX-OK (

Formed a record label in 1995, called Yawn Records ( and distribute music online.

Recently moved to Los Angeles to work as a Music Supervisor for Tandem Arts ( placing music for films, documentaries and commercials. I still dibble and dabble with an occasional CD release, but I've moved on to pursue new challenges.

Last updated: 07/06

Ford, Jerrold

Graduated from Oklahoma State in 1993 and currently live in Lewisville, TX doing computer engineering for Bank of America. Got married in 2002 and have twin boys who were born in 2006.

Last updated: 01/09

Haddock-Smith, Melissa
Clarinet, Alto Clarinet & Winter Guard

I am currently living in Waterford, MI with my beautiful 6 year old daughter. I am happily divorced for over 2 years now. I am working for a growing company and specialize in Customer Care. My sister, Melanie has been married for over 10 years and has 3 beautiful children of her own.

I have many fond memories of the Renegade Regiment. .

Last updated: 10/07

Hanna-Rizzo, Amy
clarinet- colorguard- winterguard

I feel strange writing on this site since I was only there for one year. Being a part of winterguard 1987 was one of the best times of my life. (I still have my mannequin) My older brother, Steve, was on the bass drum line. We performed together in 86.
I graduated from Texas A&M in '93 and have been teaching Algebra I for 10 years. My husband,Steven, and I have been married since '95. We have one son, Sam, and another on the way.
Steven and I moved to Nashville, TN to pursue country music in '97. We now live in Dallas where I am still teaching Algebra and he is getting his Doctorate in English at University of North Texas.

Last updated: 02/04

Harmon, Jeremy
Tenor Sax

I graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, MO in 1993 w/ a degree in Psychology & a minor in Criminal Justice. I have been married for almost 7 years & our first son, Dylan Miguel, will have his birthday on September 10th.

Last updated: 09/03

Lohman-Rodriguez, Maggie


Wow! It is so neat that this site was created! Well you may remember me from my mother's famous handpainted sweatshirts....remember Opus playing various instruments and Alf with percussion? Well I am now living in a suburb of Houston and I am teaching Theatre.

I graduated from NEO A&M in 91 with my Associates and went on to NSU and took my time (having too much fun) and finally graduated in 97 with my Bachelor of Arts in Eduation in Speech Communications and Theatre with a vocal music minor. After graduating I worked my last summer in Oklahoma at NSU doing techincal theatre for "River City Players", a summer musical theatre show in Tahlequah and then moved directly out of the dorms into my first apartment in Houston. I have taught both high school and middle school and I love it. Currently I am teaching Speech/Debate/Broadcasting and Theatre Arts at Fort Settlement Middle School in Sugar Land, TX. It's an absolutely awesome school!!! If you're curious check out our district website, click on campuses and find FSMS. Find my name under courses and you can go to my little place on the web and see what I do...I have to say I'm a bit proud of my students and what I do.

About my personal life, I have been married for going on 6 years now, and wouldn't you know it, my husband is a band director. I met the love of my life Rene at Royal High School, the very first school where I taught. We have two beautiful children Rene "Thomas" 2 1/2 and Isabel Lucia 5 months. Thomas is named after my late father who some of you may remember as the bus captain extrodinaire. Bless his soul, he passed away in May of 02 from congestive heart failure. My mom still lives in Tulsa and we visit often. I always try to catch up on the old days, wondering how the band is doing. For those of you who check back often I would love to catch up with some of you. Take care!

Last updated: 07/06

Miner, Jeff 

Occupation: IT for the State of Missouri

Family: Married with 4 great kids.

I enjoyed seeing the Renegade Regiment at BOA St Louis 2006!

Last updated: 07/07

Stephens, Kit 

Ths is not actually kit, if you are reading about him you probably already knew that he passed away during his time in the renegade regiment. This is his little sister Alexis Stephens.

I just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone because if you knew my brother then you would know how much the regiment meant to him. I also was wondering if anyone had any stories or comments about him that they would like to share with me. I was only 4 when he died and would love to know more about him from some of his friends and peers. If you have any comments for me please email me with them. I would love to hear whatever you have to say!! thank you so much

Alexis Stephens

Last updated: 07/05

Thatcher-Edwards, Julia 
French Horn

Still in Tulsa, now working for Tulsa Public Schools in Human Resources. (If any of you want to move back to Tulsa and have Oklahoma certification.... Talk to me!!!) So I still get to use my education - even though I'm definitely certain now that teaching is NOT for me!

Married for almost 11 years to Chad Edwards - A wonderful man whom I have just about driven as insane as I am! We have one son, Michael, who is 9 1/2 now and goes to Country Lane Elementary school in Broken Arrow. I'm still involved with the scouts and the PTA (I just chaired the school carnival - Thank GOD it's only once per year!!) We were also football parents this year. Those kids look hillarious running around out there with these giant heads, giant shoulders, and little, skinny legs!

I'm still learning more about learning disabilities, specifically dyslexia and ADHD/ADD, and how enormous and far-reaching their effects can be in learning. It's amazing stuff. Check it out some time! You'll be shocked at how pervasive one LD can be throughout a life time of learning.

Last updated: 05/05

Thompson-Jones, Andrea
Colorguard & Winter Guard

I joined the Marines after highschool. Served proudly from 1990-1995. I have been married and divorced and married again to wonderful midwestern man. We live in Savannah, Mo. I have 3 wonderful daughters from the previous marriage. Shaine (colorguard)-16, Taylor (flute)-14, and Summer (drama queen)-9. I had the best time in band. I am hoping to see everyone again at the 20th this year. I work for Altec Industries. If you're not familiar, look for the logo on your local utility truck or linemans truck. I make and test the brains (circuit boards) for the booms on the trucks.

Last updated: 07/08

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