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David Anderson (1992-1993)
Jeff Chapman (1996)
James Davis (2000-2003)

Michael Dewey (1989-1991)
Kimberly Redfearn (2000- 2002)

Beth Hand (1990-1993)
Eric Akin (1989-1992)
Lee Paulec (1990-1993)

Chris Lofton (1992-1994)
Charles Estes (1993-1995)


Kit Stephens (1987)
Dan Wilson (1988-1990)

Mitch Thompson (1976-1980)
Brandon Padley (1998-2000)

Parents and Families: This section of our website is a sensitive area and we want to show the utmost respect to your feelings and wishes. On a number of occasions over the years, RR Alumni friends have requested a memorial area be created on this site to recognize fellow students who are no longer with us. Obtaining permission from each family was not a feasible undertaking, nor was confirming name spellings and the years they participated in the Renegade Regiment. If anyone who reads this can provide approval for the placement of the student's name, can confirm the year(s) they participated, and name spelling, please do so. If any family would prefer that we not list your loved one's name here, please accept our deepest apologies and the name will be removed upon your request. All: please contact us with any names have been tat do not yet appear above. 

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