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faculty list

Chelsea Arenas
Guard Programs Coordinator
Adam Bruce
Percussion Coordinator, Grades 6-12
Danny Cole
Beginner Brass, Jazz Bands Coordinator, H.S. Symphonic #1 & Marching Bands Lead 
Adrian Gomez
Beginner Brass, 8th Grade Assistant, H.S Concert Band #2 & #3 Lead
Mary Lollis
Beginner Woodwinds, 8th Grade Assistant, H.S. Symphonic Band #2 Lead 
Mary Ann French
Beginner Woodwinds, 6th Grade Coordinator, 7th Grade Assistant
Amy Mayes
Beginner Woodwinds, 7th Grade Coordinator, H.S. Concert Band #1 Lead
Charles Pisarra
Director of Bands, Associate Director of Fine Arts
Trey Pritner
Beginner Brass, 8th Grade Coordinator

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