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Gameday: Nov. 16, 2018 (Semifinals)

Gameday Itinerary: Union H.S. Varsity Football vs  (at  for OSSAA Semifinal Playoff)
5:00pm  Truck Loading 
5:15pm  Load buses
5:30pm  Depart UHS for 
6:00pm  Unload trucks, situate into stands
7:05pm  KickOff
3rd Quarter  Snack served (oranges available for allergies or those with dental work)
Post-game  load trucks, load buses
Approx 11:00pm  Arrive UHS, unload 

Gameday Attire
-Big U-RR member shirt
-REGIMENT hoodie

-Full Juguzzi

Sorry, no meal will be served for this event. 

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