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2017 NBDA Roster

Congratulations to all of the students that auditioned for the 7th Grade NBDA All-District Honor Band! We are very proud of everyone who took the time to practice and prepare for these auditions. Our students represented themselves and Union Bands well! 

Destiny Reyes--1st Chair, Flute
Faith Geren--10th Chair, Flute
Addy Jones--1st Alternate, Flute
Will Tran--2nd Chair, Bassoon
Asiany Lor--1st Alternate, Bassoon
Alex Rossow--2nd Chair, Clarinet
Emma Seay--11th Chair, Clarinet
Sydnie Jordan--3rd Alternate, Clarinet
Jennifer Delgado--1st Chair, Bass Clarinet
Abi Norris--2nd Chair, Bass Clarinet
Nathan Hall--3rd Chair, Bass Clarinet
Kyler Crissinger--1st Chair, Alto Saxophone
Dylan Sneed--2nd Alternate, Alto Saxophone
Matthew Tate--1st Chair, Trumpet
Kaleb Weatherford--8th Chair, Trumpet
Nikhil Mathew--4th Alternate, Trumpet
Adin Whitley--6th Chair, French Horn
Omar Aguilera--1st Alternate, Trombone
Jeremiah Cliff--2nd Alternate, Trombone
Cierra Tunley--3rd Alternate, Trombone
Christian Jauregui--4th Chair, Euphonium
Andrew Sharpsteen--1st Alternate, Euphonium
Donnie Flowers--2nd Alternate, Euphonium
Ryan Cotney--2nd Alternate, Tuba
Jordan Taylor--3rd Chair, Percussion
Nick Bremer--4th Chair, Percussion

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