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One of the goals of the Union Bands is to educate percussion students to be well rounded technicians and musicians. Percussionists have a large array of instruments that they are responsible to play with excellence. 

The focus on reading music, especially pitches and advanced rhythms, begins in the 6th grade and continues throughout the secondary curriculum.  Additional focus on solo literature, four mallets keyboard technique, band performance, percussion ensemble performance, competitive performance, preparation for district honor band auditions, propelling the most serious students for college music study, and all around good musicianship, are among the goals of the Union Percussion Program. 

At Union, we are fortunate to have a wide array of instruments, including traditional instruments (drums and cymbals), keyboard percussion instruments (marimbas, xylophones, chimes, bells, and vibraphones), drumline instruments, electronic instruments / audio amplification reinforcement equipment, and a large selection of ethnic and accessory percussion instruments. 

The Union Percussion Program culminates each year with a Showcase Concert, usually held in late April / early May, in the Union Performing Arts Center, featuring performances by Union Percussionists in Grades 6-12.

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