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The Union Band Programs encompass numerous areas and a large number of students.  Here is a summary of some of the individual components of the Union Bands Program, specifically those at the High School level:

The 'Renegade Regiment' is the competitive marching band, and is perhaps the most visible part of the program. The students participate in performing marching shows not only for all the home football games, but at numerous judged contests throughout the fall marching season.  Marching band consists not only of students playing an instrument while marching on the field, but also includes “Pit Musicians” and the “Color Guard”. The "Pit" is setup along the front sidelines, and students play various types of percussion and electronic instruments.  The “Color Guard” consists of students who are on the field with the band, and provide visual dance interpretation to the music with flags, rifles, sabres and other props.  

The Winter Guard is a program for our “Color Guard” students to continue training and performing during the winter and spring months.  In this program, the guard performs a visual dance interpretation to pre-recorded music that is again aided by flags, rifles, sabres and occasionally other props.  The Winter Guard participates in numerous judged contests throughout the winter and early spring months and frequently travels across the state to local competitions and occasionally outside the state to regional and national competitions.

Many of the state competitions attended by the Winter Guard also include competition for our Indoor Competitive Drumline. This ensemble consists of many different types of percussion instruments, the same type of equipment used in the pit during the fall marching season.  One thing you can always count on, when you bring drums and pit equipment indoors, it’s LOUD.  Our percussion students love the opportunity to show what they can do without the rest of the band. 

The Union H.S. Band Program currently has five concert bands that prepare independently for concerts and contest throughout the school year.  Our concert bands have achieved Oklahoma Sweepstakes Status and the top ensemble has recently appeared as an honor performing group at the state convention of music educators.

Yet another way for our students to show their respective musicianship is in the Jazz Band.  This is a smaller group of students, but “WOW!” do they have some sound! If you ever get the opportunity, you should come hear these very talented young people.

Thank you for considering sponsorship of the Union Bands programs. 
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