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All Union Band/Guard Student Volunteers must be active participants in the 6th-12th grade program.  Middle School students must have a parent working with them.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by a Drillers Coordinator.  All Volunteers under the age of eighteen (18) must have a parent or guardian co-sign the Minor Indemnity and Release.


Arrive on time, stay for the required amount of time and behave appropriately.  You should make every effort to provide adequate notification (at least 24 hours prior to event report time) if you will not be able to fulfill your commitment AND do the following:

  • Call the Drillers coordinator and see if there is someone on the call list to take your spot
  • If there is no one available on the On Call list to take your spot, YOU are REQUIRED to find your own replacement.


Follow-through on your commitment to work is vital.  When Drillers Coordinators cannot provide the full number of required workers, the Drillers/Roughnecks may reduce all wages to half-pay for all volunteers for that shift.  The following actions are unacceptable:

  • Being a no-show for a committed event
  • Failing to provide adequate notification (24 hours), except in emergency situations
  • Exhibiting any behavior that results in other workers receiving less pay
  • Exhibiting any behavior that may jeopardize Union Band’s reputation


UBPC reserves the right to impose the following consequences for failure to meet the above expectations:

  • Ineligible for other Drillers/Roughnecks and other Offsite work opportunities for a period of one month.
  • Permanent ineligibility to work any Drillers, Offsite, or Concession fundraising opportunities.
  • Deduction to your student’s ledger by the amount necessary to replace loss of potential income to other Union Band workers.

Participation in any fundraising event is done at your own risk.  Union Band Parents Club, Inc. is not liable for any injury or illness of any kind that you may incur as a result of working any volunteer fundraising or non-fundraising events.  Families must choose for themselves whether or not they feel safe to work any fundraising or non-fundraising event opportunity.  Masks are required while volunteering at any opportunity offered by Drillers/ONEOK Field, Tuttle Concessions, or any Offsite Vendor Location.  You are responsible to bring your own mask along with any other required uniform items as noted in the event details.

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