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For the third time since 1997, the Union HS Indoor Drumline traveled to Dayton, OH for the WGI Marching Percussion World Championship event.  The 2018 production, entitled "INVICTUS: A War Within", was led by director and program coordinator Adam Bruce. Designers included Bryan Harmsen and Michael Neubert. Staff included Danny Cole, Travis Smith, Tim Bartee II, Rhema Baissa, Ryan Kime, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Royer, & Madison McCandless.  Consultants & Clinicians included Joe Roach & Drake Melson.


The Indoor Competitive Percussion activity was revived in 2009 at Union, marking the first time since 1997 that Union HS entered a competitive unit into local competition. Often referred to as "Winter Drumline" or "Indoor Drumline", the Indoor Competitive Percussion Ensemble (battery & pit ensemble) assembles a marching percussion show customized for a gym floor. The group rehearses and performs at local competitions during the months of December-April. Auditions and additional fees are required for participation in the group.  

2018 - "INVICTUS: A War Within" WGI Open Class Finalist (5th), WGPO Open Class State Champions

2016 - "Into the Deep" WGI Open Class Finalist (10th), WGPO Open Class State Champions

2014 - "Namesake" WGI A Class Semi-Finalist

2012 - "Looking @ the Future" WGPO A Class State Champions

2010 - "Rehumanization"

2009 - "Hydromorphosis"

Union HS holds the 2001 WGI Percussion Scholastic Concert Open Class World Championship.

VIDEO of the 2018 production: "INVICTUS: A War Within"

VIDEO of the 2016 production: "INTO THE DEEP"

VIDEO of the 2012 Production: "LOOKING @ THE FUTURE" 

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