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Spring Training

Renegade Regiment Spring Training is an annual multi-day series of clinics to help students prepare for the upcoming season. Additionally, Spring Training is a key component of the audition process. Spring Training takes place at Union High School. 

2018 RR Spring Training Schedule
5:30 - 7:30 PM
Thurs. May 17
Fri. May 18 
Thurs. May 24
Fri. May 25 
Thurs. May 31
Fri. June 1 
All sessions are mandatory to be considered for a roster position. 

A district-provided after-school snack will be provided prior to the training sessions, available at each campus (UHS and U8GC). 

Instrument (if announced)
Water bottle
Athletic shoes + socks
Loose fitting, short sleeved attire: mesh shorts (no denim) and t-shirt

In addition to attending Spring Training, to be elligible to audition for the Union HS Renegade Regiment, each student must have:

(1) Completed UBPC Paperwork.Completed paperwork can be scanned/emailed to president@unionbands.com or placed in the document box outside of the high school main band office. This paperwork needs to be turned in no later than May 15th.  A copy can be requested from president@unionbands.com
(2) Attended an RR Mandatory Meeting
(3) Completed the mandatory Physical Exam:Please note that the physical exam must be completed using the Union form, must be completed between May 1 and May 18th, and completed form must be turned in by May 18th. This may be placed in the document box outside of the high school main band office.
(4) Zero balance on the student's Union Band CHARMS account. 

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