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2019 U of A Summer Music Camps
Jr. High Band Camp: July 7-12, 2019
Sr. High Band Camp: July 14-19, 2019
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Extra Info / Tips 
(1) A reminder (mostly for the students) about electronics for this trip: the camp does not permit students to bring laptops or televisions. It's permissible to bring a handheld electronic such as an iPad or Nintendo DS, but students are entirely responsible for these items during camp. We suggest bringing only a mobile phone. Students will have PLENTY to keep them busy throughout the week between classes, rehearsals, planned social events, meals, etc. If they still “need” to bring something else, it should be left it in the dorm room, because any free time will most likely be spent in the dorms. 

(2) Please-please-please make sure that each student's instrument case is clearly labeled! With over 750 students at camp, the number of instruments that get lost or picked up by the wrong person in a single day is incredible!

(3) Students are allowed to bring snacks to keep in the dorm room, or packed in their bag for the day. There will be more-than-ample opportunity for students to eat!  It seems that we eat all of the time at this camp, but snacks, a few bottles of water, etc. would be a good thing for them to have in their dorms just in case they get hungry or thirsty. Vending machines are located all over the campus, as well as a few convenience stores, should the need arise.

(4) There is very little need for students to bring much cash to camp, but it is a good idea for them to have a small amount. Students will not be traveling off campus, all meals are provided (except for lunch on Sunday), and all social events in the evenings are free of charge to the students. Surprisingly, the most common situation students seem to need cash for is to purchase a phone charger due to having left theirs at home—so don’t forget to pack a charger!

(5) It is very easy to go a little crazy with the treats that are available in the cafeterias (ice cream machines, unlimited cookies, soda fountains, etc)…so make smart choices! There is nothing worse than having an upset stomach due to over consumption and/or dehydration while having to trek around campus with an instrument, in the sun, up and down some hills. This camp requires quite a bit of walking throughout the week. DRINK WATER! EAT BREAKFAST! Over the years we've seen too many students miss out on a rehearsal or social event due to feeling ill, which generally could have been avoided by making slightly better choices in the cafeteria.

(6) The general camp schedule & recommended packing list for “Resident Campers” is here:

Answers to FAQs:
- Concert Attire: Union Bands concert attire will be appropriate for the camp concert.
- Students WILL need to bring pillows & bed linens. We have found over the years that most campers just like to bring a sleeping bag instead of linens (students rarely make their beds anyway & since it is a college dorm, the mattresses are Twin XL which usually means having to purchase new sheets).
- Friday’s concert times will not be solidified until band rosters are finalized following auditions. Ensemble placements will be posted by dinner time on Sunday, after which students can call home with which band he/she will be performing in. The concert will be organized from bands #10 through 1, with the first 5 groups performing before lunch & the remaining 5 after lunch. The concert will be held at Fayetteville HS Performing Arts Center, on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Stadium Dr. The venue is easy to find, but parking is TERRIBLE close to the auditorium. However, plenty of parking is available with just a short walk.

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